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"Lord Sidious, we have retrieved the Droid control program and struck a mortal blow to the Naboo."
―Nute Gunray to Darth Sidious after the battle[src]

During the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY the city of Harte Secur was attacked by the galactic Trade Federation. The attack was provoked when, following the Federation's droid army's landing on Naboo, command droid OOM-14 suffered a malfunction and allowed soldiers from Harte Secur to steal a Droid control program, rendering a significant part of the Federation's Droid Army useless. Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, knowing how dangerous the program could be in enemy hands, sent a task force led by his personal command droid OOM-9 to retrieve the program from the Research Center it was held in. The task force successfully destroyed the Research center, retrieved the program and reactivated OOM-14's army with the help of a technician. The army then proceeded to attack Harte Secur in retaliation. Much of the city was destroyed in the battle and the Trade Federation built a base in the ruins. Harte Secur would remain under Federation control until it was liberated by the Gungan Grand Army.


"OOM-14 has allowed the Naboo to make off with a precious droid control program.
We are jamming their communications, But we must retrieve the program from the stronghold of Harte Secur.
Nute Gunray to OOM-9[src]

OOM-9 at the deactivated camp

In 32 BBY[2] the Galactic Republic Senate passed a legislation taxing trade routes, upsetting the galactic Trade Federation, who under orders from Sith Lord Darth Sidious blockaded the small planet of Naboo in protest using a droid army. In the initial landing several of Naboo's major Transmitting cities were destroyed. Despite the early success for the Federation an interruption came when a Droid control program that had been placed under the command of droid OOM-14, was stolen by a group of soldiers from the city of Harte Secur, meaning a large number of Battle Droids were left useless. Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation knew that the program could do incredible damage to his army if in the wrong hands, so he ordered his personal command droid OOM-9 to retrieve the program. A small strike force was airlifted to the deactivated camp along with a Neimoidian technician to attack the base and reactivate the program.

The Battle[]

Retrieving the program[]

The Trade Federation retrieves the program

"Droid control program recovered"

The strike force followed a path that led to the entrance of the Research Center where the program was being analyzed, encountering a small patrol on the way that was easily swept away. The droids destroyed the base's gate and turrets and killed the Royal Guards positioned at the base with ease. The technician seized the program and, stealing two Naboo transport ships, the strike force was able to return to OOM-14's camp. The technician then returned the program to the base's Command center and initiated anew its digitized directives, thus reactivating the deactivated droid army. Nute Gunray then ordered OOM-9 to take command and renew the battle in full force by destroying Harte Secur in retaliation for harboring the stolen program.[1]

Punishing Harte Secur[]

"Your army is online. Destroy Harte Secur!"
―Nute Gunray to OOM-9[src]
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OOM-9 decided first to attack Harte Secur's airbase, known for training some of Naboo's best pilots. The base was easily overcome by the droid army. The Trade Federation received a large supply of nova crystals from the base's spaceport, before moving on to the city itself.[1]

On the road to Harte Secur the army encountered small resistance with several Naboo patrols. When they reached the city the droids engaged the Royal Naboo Security Forces, which consisted mainly of Royal Guards and Royal Crusaders. The droids advanced through the city streets and then destroyed the city's Command Center, causing the military to surrender and placing Harte Secur under Trade Federation control.[1]


"You have performed beyond your parameters."
―Nute Gunray congratulating OOM-9 after the battle — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Camp Six, A Trade Federation base built near the city after the battle

Nute Gunray was so impressed with OOM-9's leadership in the battle that he placed him in command of the invasion of another major Naboo city, Spinnaker. Many of Harte Secur's civilians and military were taken prisoners after the battle, one of whom told the Trade Federation of the Gungans, an amphibious race on Naboo, who would become the target of the Trade Federation's attacks following the capture of Theed, Naboo's capital city. Harte Secur became a Trade Federation base after the battle and Camp Six was set up nearby as a prison camp for fambaas, a native animal on Naboo which the Federation planned to skin and sell. When the Gungans allied themselves with Queen Amidala of Naboo they freed the fambaas at Camp Six to use for the upcoming battle against the Trade Federation. The Gungans also liberated Harte Secur during this time, though it was severely changed from its original form.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Establish your base and then destroy the Command Center at Harte Secur."
―Mission instructions after the player returns the program[src]

The battle appears in the second level of the Trade Federation campaign, entitled "Behind the Lines", in the PC game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion. The player begins with only a small collection of units to begin with but after retrieving the Droid control program they can build more units to attack Harte Secur with. In order to complete the mission the player has to destroy Harte Secur's Command Center and keep OOM-9 and the Neimoidian Technician alive, if either of those characters are destroyed then the player will automatically lose the mission. Attacking Harte Secur Airbase is an optional mission for the player to complete, but if they do they will receive additional nova crystals. A Gungan base is also optional for the player to destroy, however it is unlikely that is canonical because the Trade Federation didn't discover the Gungans until after the Battle of Theed. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jar Jar Binks also appear in the level as an Easter Egg.[1]


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