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"Lord Sidious, we have retrieved the droid control program and struck a mortal blow to the Naboo."
―Nute Gunray to Darth Sidious after the battle — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

During the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, the city of Harte Secur was attacked by the Trade Federation. Shortly after the Trade Federation's landing on the planet Naboo, a droid control program was stolen by the Naboo, rendering a portion of the Trade Federation Droid Army deactivated and immobile. Fearing that the Naboo could use the program to turn the Droid Army against him, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray dispatched the B1-Series battle droid OOM-9 to retrieve it with the help of a task force of droidekas, a bio cannon, and a Neimoidian technician.

The task force made their way to the research center south of Harte Secur where the program was kept, killing any Naboo troopers in their path and using the bio cannon to destroy turrets. After breaking into the research outpost and retrieving the program, OOM-9 brought it to the camp where the deactivated battle droids stood, and the technician was able to reactivate the droids. Gunray ordered OOM-9 to attack Harte Secur with his restored army. At the city, the droidekas gunned down the troopers protecting its entrance and used the bio cannon to destroy several turrets and the city's command center, solidifying the Trade Federation's victory. The company occupied the ruins of Harte Secur in the aftermath of the battle, until they were driven out by the Gungans.


"OOM-14 has allowed the Naboo to make off with a precious droid control program."
―Nute Gunray to OOM-9 — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Naboo forces stole one of the droid control programs, putting the Trade Federation's invasion at risk.

In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation and its Droid Army commenced the invasion of the planet Naboo in protest of Senate Resolution BR-0371. Their initial attack succesfully destroyed Naboo's offworld communications equipment, but their plans came to a halt when one of their five droid control programs that kept the Droid Army active was stolen from the B1-Series battle droid OOM-14 by the Royal Naboo Security Forces team Force Command Two. The program was taken to a Research Center south of the Naboo city Harte Secur to be analyzed, and without it OOM-14's battle droids—a division of forty-eight B1-Series battle droids and eight anti-air battle droid— was left motionless at a Deactivated Camp south of the research center. The Trade Federation leadership feared that the Naboo could hack and duplicate the program to turn the Droid Army against them.[1]

To prevent that outcome, the Trade Federation jammed communications around Harte Secur to prevent the program from being spread, which kept the situation tenuously under control. Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray deployed his most trusted droid, the B1 battle droid OOM-9, to retrieve the program and then destroy Harte Secur.[2] OOM-9 arrived at the Deactivated Camp in his personal Armored Assault Tank, and was later joined by a strike force aboard a Neimoidian transport that included five heavy droidekas, one bio cannon, and a Neimoidian technician, who was provided to handle and reactivate the droid control program. Gunray ordered OOM-9 to protect the technician at all costs,[1] and he was loaded into OOM-9's AAT for protection.[2]

The Battle[]

Retrieving the program[]

"Droid control program recovered"
―OOM-9 — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The droids attack the research center

The task force followed a paved path east of the camp to find the research center. They encountered a group of fifteen Naboo security guards standing in close formation, so the droids used the bio cannon to fire a shot at them from a safe distance while the droidekas eliminated the initial survivors.[2] The group then proceeded north to a shallow crossing point of a river, which was guarded by two Tuskcat Troopers, four champions, and two light turrets.[1] OOM-9 used the droidekas to draw the defenders closer to them to avoid risking damage from the turrets, keeping the droidekas out of range of the tuskcat troopers' flamethrowers. After the mounted troopers and speeders were destroyed the bio cannon destroyed the turrets, as it was able to aim beyond their range. The droids moved forward with the goal of destroying any turrets or troopers they encountered,[2] which included another pair of turrets on the other side of the river.[1]

The droids encountered and killed a pair of troopers on the other side of the river, and on the path to the east they encountered one steadfast, a powerful Naboo tank, along with another turret nearby,[1] which they destroyed with the cannon.[2] At the entrance to the research center the droids encountered eight Elite Royal Crusaders stationed outside it, along with two turrets and five troopers stationed inside the walls. OOM-9 had the cannon fire at the closest turret while the droidekas stood in front of it for protection, having no difficulty gunning down the defenders that ran out to defend the reserach center. With the area cleared of opposition, the cannon moved closer to destroy the remaining turret and the research centers' power core. Afterward, OOM-9 drove into the ruins and collected the droid control program inside his AAT,[2] reporting his success to Gunray, who instructed him to return to the camp. The droids returned through the path they had taken to the Deactivated Camp, where the technician was able to reactivate the droids there.[2]

Punishing Harte Secur[]

"Your army is online. Destroy Harte Secur!"
―Nute Gunray to OOM-9 — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

With the Droid Army fully operational, Gunray ordered OOM-9 to destroy Harte Secur.[1] While organizing his new troops for the assault, the army was atacked by[2] N-1L Light Starfighters from the Naboo Airforce, who had an airbase nearby.[1] OOM-9's newly acquired anti-air battle droids were able to shoot the fighters down. With his troops prepared, the Droid Army marched for Harte Secur, with OOM-9, five B1 battle droids, two anti-air battle droids, and the Neimoidian technician remaining at the camp, with the latter garrisoned inside the command center.[2]

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Acting on a recommendation made in a reconnaissance report, OOM-9 attacked and destroyed the airbase.[1]

Ruins in the aftermath of the battle

The droids continued up the path that the task force had taken earlier, but at a crossroads they continued north instead of heading south as they had done previously. At an entrance to the city guarded by two medium turrets and several troopers, the droidekas carefully avoided the turrets to gun down the troopers, keeping the rest of the battle droids at a distance to avoid them getting in the way. The bio cannon then destroyed the turrets. Behind them, an archway a small courtyard with a large archway led into the main courtyard of Harte Secur, at the north of it lay the command center, the Trade Federation's target.[2]

The cannon rolled into the courtyard and opened fire on the command center while the droids clogged the entrance and destroyed the further streams of soldiers and mechs sent by the Naboo,[2] including sixteen troopers, seven royal crusaders, four steadfasts, four champions, two heavy champsions, three Naboo energy catapults, four V-19 landspeeders, and two advanced tuskcat troopers. Harte Secur was not able to counter the Trade Federation's superior numbers,[2] and once the command center was destroyed they took control of the ruined city, taking some of its inhabitants prisoner.[1]


"You have performed beyond your parameters."
―Nute Gunray congratulating OOM-9 after the battle — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Camp Six, A Trade Federation base built near the city after the battle

Gunray was impressed with OOM-9's leadership in the battle and placed him in command of the invasion of another major Naboo city, Spinnaker. The viceroy also reported the successful attack to Darth Sidious, his secret benefactor. The Trade Federation heavily fortified the ruins of Harte Secur and established Camp Six nearby, where they captured the planet's native fambaas to skin and sell. When the Trade Federation began to focus on fighting the Gungans, an amphibious sentient species on Naboo, a captured mariner from Harte Secur told[1] OOM-9[3] about Ganne, the Gungan boss of the city Rellias, which led to an extended search for the city and eventually an attack on the Gungan captial Otoh Gunga.[1]

In the aftermath of the attack on Otoh Gunga, Boss Rugor Nass formed an alliance with Queen Padmé Amidala of the Naboo. To retake their planet, they planned to use the Gungan Grand Army to stage a massive battle with the Trade Federation as a diversion. The Grand Army relied on mounting fambaas with shield generators for their strategy, so they established a base near Harte Secur and attacked Camp Six. With several new shielded creatures acquired, the Gungans then destroyed the Trade Federation command center in a battle called the Liberation of Harte Secur.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gameplay options and Easter eggs[]

"Establish your base and then destroy the Command Center at Harte Secur."
―Mission instructions after the player returns the program[src]

The attack on Harte Secur was first mentioned in the Prima Games' strategy guide[2]—released on November 7, 2001[4]—for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds,[1] released on November 11, 2001.[5] The attack constitutes the second level of the Trade Federation campaign, "Behind the Lines," where the player is tasked with retrieving the droid control program and destroying Harte Secur. Upon recovering the program the player has the option of creating additional units and buildings for their army and is provided with resources to do so,[1] however, the strategy guide describes the level as a seek-and-destroy mission that can be completed with only the units provided.[2]

The player is faced with two enemy factions, Harte Secur and Harte Secur Airbase. The game recommends that the player destroy Harte Secur Airbase to protect their forces, but it is not essential for victory. Until destroying them, Harte Secur Airbase may send N-1L Light Starfighters and NB-1 Royal Bombers to attack the player. A Gungan settlement is also placed near Harte Secur, which the player can choose to attack, though any encounter would be non-canonical, as the game portrays the Trade Federation not becoming aware of the Gungans' existence until later in the invasion. The level can be lost if OOM-9 or the Neimoidian technician are killed.[1] The strategy guide recommends prioritizing the safety of the bio cannon to secure an easier victory.[2]

The strategy guide recommends that the player follow the eastern path from their base to reach the research center and that they should clear the path of any units on their way to keep the path safe for the return journey.[2] However, two aquatic Naboo transports are located near the research center and can be acquired if the player's units come close enough to them, shortening the time taken to transport units between the research center and the player's camp.[1]

Using cheats, three familiar faces can be found within the level.

If the player uses a cheat code to view the whole map, they can find Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks, and a Gungan frigate in an inaccessible area in the eastern corner of the map, suggesting[1] that the meeting between the three characters as portrayed in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace may have been occurring[6] concurrently to the attack on Harte Secur. If the player uses a cheat unit to get near the units the player will be able to use them in the battle.[1] The game originally featured the Naboo mounted troopers riding kaadu,[1] but those mounts were changed to tusk cats in the 2002 expansion Clone Campaigns.[7]

Differences between difficulty levels and the strategy guide[]

Different numbers of units appear for the player to fight depending on the difficulty level selected by the player,[1] and different numbers of units are given by the strategy guide as well.[2] After defeating the group of fifteen troopers on the path to the research center, the player may encounter two mounted troopers and two light turrets in easy difficulty, an additional four strike mechs in moderate difficulty, and another pair of light turrets on the other side of the river in hard difficulty.[1] The strategy guide states that two mounted troopers, one V-19 landspeeder, and the turrets await the player there. The guide also notes that the player can destroy a Naboo gazebo in that area with a single shot from their cannon, but it has no strategic impact[2] The champion on the path to the research center only appears in hard difficulty,[1] and the strategy guide states that several troopers, mounted troopers, and turrets await the player there.[2]

The in-game minimap for the battle

The strategy guide mentions that the player will encounter a group of worker droids gathering carbon on the path to Harte Secur. It states that they can be destroyed as long as the player is cautious of the nearby turret, and their units may go astray if they follow the fleeing workers,[2] however, the worker droids do not appear in the game.[1] The number of units in Harte Secur varies significantly between difficulty levels. In easy difficulty, the city is only defended by sixteen troopers, seven royal crusaders, four V-19 landspeeders, three naboo energy catapaults, and two advanced tuskcat troopers. In moderate difficulty, four champions and two heavy champions are added. In hard difficulty, the four steadfasts and five shield generators are added.[1]

The strategy guide describes the layout of Harte Secur differently to the finished game. An image shows the command center not in the courtyard but on the other side of the treeline to the north. However, it still recommends entering the courtyard despite its strategic vulnerability, as the cannon can still take the command center down from that position.[2]



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