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The First Battle of Lok was a battle between the Trade Federation and the Lok Revenants following a space piracy operation. The battle consisted of three primary engagements between the two organizations. In the end, the pirates were forced to abandon their base.


The pirate Nym led a band of pirates on the planet Lok. He and his men preyed on Trade Federation cargo traveling through the Karthakk system.

The Battle[]

Piracy above Lok[]

This battle began with a piracy operation in which a Trade Federation convoy was attacked by Nym in his Havoc. One Superfreighter was disabled and four other smaller freighters were destroyed, the rest managed to escape into hyperspace. When most of the Scarab fighters were mopped up the Trade Federation had sent a Trade Federation Missile Frigate and two repair ships to try to reclaim the Superfreighter. However, all three ships were destroyed. The disabled freighter then released its cargo of droid starfighters; all of which were destroyed. When the rest of the resistance was eliminated the freighter plummeted toward Lok.

Retrieval of cargo[]

When the freighter made a crash-landing, a pirate freighter escorted by pirate speeder bikes at a very low altitude found the freighter and began unloading its cargo. However, the Trade Federation sent a strike force consisting of multiple AATs and Scarab fighters to try and secure the downed freighter. A Recovery Freighter was spotted as well indicating the Trade Federation's desire to recover the cargo. The recovery freighter was then destroyed. Two Trade Federation Dropships attempted to fly in at low altitude and land nearby the crash landing but were also destroyed before they could land. Nym then destroyed the AATs heading for the recovery operation. The pirate freighter successfully gathered the cargo, then went along a river nearby to head for a cave to avoid pursuit. Nym, along with the speeder bikes, escorted the freighter to the cave where it would then arrive at Nym's Base.

Assault at Nym's Stronghold[]

"We're done here. Jinkins, blow the charges."
―A resentful Nym orders the trap to be sprung[src]

At nighttime a speeder bike on patrol crashed into a military convoy belonging to the Trade Federation and heading for the Lok Revenants stronghold. After the patrol dispatch tried to reestablish contact, the alarm was raised and the Revenants scrambled their fighters. Nym provided cover for the bases primary defense, the Inferno Turret, destroying two dropships before they deployed any tanks. Ground control reported that all scouts accounted for, except Jinkins. Nym managed to provide cover for Jinkins so that he could reach the base safely and get into his Freefall. Nym was alerted to several waves of Trade Federation droid bombers that were heading for the Inferno Turret, Nym, knowing that the Inferno Turret would be their strongest defense option managed to destroy the bombers before any damage could be done. Nym also managed to destroy two more dropships before they could drop off any AMTs. Meanwhile, the base's defense perimeter was under heavy fire from waves of AATs. Ground control knew it would be impossible to hold them of even with the Inferno Turret so they expedited plans for evacuation. Of the five freighters crewed by the Revenants, three were launched nearly empty as decoys to draw the Trade Federations attention, buying time for the remaining two freighters to be prepped for evacuation. Thanks to Nym holding air superiority over the base, all three decoys and the first pirate freighter escaped, though the fifth freighter "Rescue 1" was stuck grounded due to an engine failure. Nym provided air support for the ground base defenses destroying multiple tanks. When Rescue 1 finally managed to lift off it was then attacked by bombers and fighters, and before Nym could intervene it was destroyed. Nym then checked if the charges for the base were set, after confirmation the base was timed to self-destruct he told ground control to set the timer and leave, during which one of two C-9979 landing craft landing in the center of the base was destroyed in the explosion.


The Lok Revenants were driven out of their home with heavy losses, but they were still capable of reforming a resistance movement for at least ten years in the Karthakk system. To which, with the help of Jedi Master Adi Gallia, they would be able to retake their home in at the Second Battle of Lok.

The Trade Federation also suffered heavy losses. They would go on to turn the stronghold into a droid foundry and hangar and converted the surrounding area into refueling stations. They would have control over the place for ten years before losing it to the Lok Revenants. In the meantime, Nym would go on to strike back at the Federation during the Invasion of Naboo.

Behind the scenes[]

This article was based on three consecutive missions in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Starfighter. In each one, the player flies as Nym, one of the game's three protagonists. Each mission has a bonus objective. The first one is to destroy all freighters. The second one is to prevent dropships from landing, and the third one requires protecting the Inferno turret.



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