The First Battle of Platform NL-1 was an engagement during the Battle on the Frontier campaign during the Galactic Civil War.


Having secured the system for the arriving convoy in the Second Battle of the Pakuuni system, the Galactic Empire began construction on the platform. Platform NL-1 neared completion just before another Rebel assault. Imperial Intelligence suggested that patrols be on the lookout for more hit and fade attacks from the hyperdrive capable Rebel fighters, along with corvette class starships.

The BattleEdit

Unyielding to Imperial presence, Rebel forces staged their first assault on the platform itself with A-wings, Y-wings and two Assassin-class corvettes from group Moori. With shields functioning at only fifty percent, Platform NL-1 stood severely exposed to the impending Rebel assault. Imperial gunboats, TIE/sa bombers, and TIE/IN interceptors from Frigate Ludwick rapidly found themselves engulfed in combat against Y-wings, A-wing and the newly arrived X-wing starfighters. A portion of assault gunboat group Tau destroyed Corvette Moori, resulting in the arrival of Shuttle Shakker. Prior to the attack, Secret Order agents had requested that their trusted pilot, Maarek Stele, arrange for the capture of such escape craft, in the hopes of extracting vital information concerning Rebel plans in the system. Stele himself saw to the identification of the Shakker, escaping from Moori and its subsequent disabling. Transport Soryi launched from NL-1 to capture the officers found aboard. As Imperial fighters whittled down the remaining rebel forces transports from group Del arrived to attempt another futile torpedo run on the platform, only to be destroyed. With the capture of Shuttle Shakker, and Victory I-class Star Destroyer Stalwart's arrival from hyperspace, it was not long before the destruction of the remaining Rebel forces.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle appears in the PC Game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Its the fourth mission of the third Battle. This article assumes "Medium" difficulty. In "Hard" difficulty not only are there are more fighters to contend with, the player has to destroy another Assassin-class corvette group Runeer.


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