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The First Battle of Sarapin took place during the Clone Wars.

The battleEdit


A Confederate fleet approaches Sarapin.

The Chiss general, Sev'rance Tann, unleashed the collective droid forces she had been hiding on Raxus Prime and led them in an assault on Sarapin along with the stolen Republic weapon, the Decimator. In order to safely land on the planet, Tann destroyed the Republic base in the asteroid field near it.

Decimator on Sarapin

A captured Decimator attacks the Republic energy collectors on Sarapin.

Once on Sarapin, Tann and her forces used the Decimators to destroy the five key armies of the Republic that were stationed on the planet. She also killed Jedi Knight Jor Drakas and captured the Republic's citadel at Mount Corvast.


As a result of the battle, much of the Core Worlds were left powerless, spreading fear of the war to that previously-secure region.



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