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"It's been ages since I've had a decent lightsaber workout."
―Aurra Sing[src]

The First Duel in the Jedi Temple was a duel that occurred between Gregar Typho and Aurra Sing in 18 BBY.


Following the death of Padmé Amidala, Typho decided to find her killer, and a few months later, he came to Coruscant to begin his search. He traveled to the ruins of the Jedi Temple in the middle of the night, hoping that he might be able to find something that could help him.

At the same time, the notorious Jedi hunter Aurra Sing had been freed from prison on Oovo IV by Darth Vader because he wanted her to kill the former Jedi Knight, Jax Pavan. He had her transported to Coruscant, where Pavan was known to be and she decided to go to the Jedi Temple, to see if she could find anything on Pavan there.

The duelEdit

Typho had failed to find anything helpful in the ruins of the Jedi Archives, but as he got ready to leave the Temple, he heard the footsteps of someone else. Being a soldier, he instantly drew his blaster and stood with his back against a storage bin while he waited to see who the person was. He did not have to wait long, and he recognized her as Sing, because he had familiarized himself with the Galaxy's most dangerous outlaws as part of his job. He decided to leave her alone since she didn't seem to have anything to do with his search and because he was there in a personal capacity, rather than official one. However, this was harder than it seemed; the floor of the Temple was littered with debris from when it was attacked during Operation: Knightfall, so any attempt to leave would have resulted in a noise that would alert Sing to his presence. He knew from her reputation that she would likely kill him rather than listen to his excuses for being there, so he decided to try something else. He picked up a damaged datastick and prepared to throw it, hoping that the flash and bang that it would make would distract Sing and give him enough time to escape.

His plan had failed to take Sing's Force-sensitivity into account. As he was about to throw the datastick, she sensed what he was about to do and came running over. In an instant, she drew her lightsaber and held it close to Typho's throat. She demanded to know who he was and who sent him. He replied that he was Captain Gregar Typho and that he was here on his own, but she refused to believe him. Typho still had the datastick in his gloved hand, and he squeezed as hard as he could, causing it to shatter. It caused a bright flash of light and a large “thump” that momentarily blinded Sing and caused her to step back. He kicked her in the wrist and then caught her lightsaber as it fell, with the blade automatically turning itself off. Typho had previously received rudimentary lightsaber training under the tutelage of Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn, and he hoped that this would be enough to help him, as he activated the blade again.

To his surprise, Sing simply reached down to her belt and pulled out a second lightsaber. She leapt forward and raised the blade to strike. Typho was forced to fall back and swing his weapon wildly, in hopes of warding her off. Sing made two attacks, and he blocked both of them. She continued to drive him backwards until he had his back up against a shattered column. Raising her lightsaber, she told Typho that she would let him live a few more seconds if he knew anything about Jax Pavan. Typho believed that she was preparing to lunge at him, so he hurled himself forwards and intentionally thrust his lightsaber high in a clumsy movement, to make it appear that he was still unfamiliar with its use. She made a slash to counter this, barely missing Typho. Just as Typho had hoped, she ducked to avoid Typho's next slash as he brought it over his head. He sliced off her biocomputer antenna, causing her to fall to the floor, wrought with agonizing spasms from the biofeedback.


Typho decided that, although she was a dangerous criminal, it would be dishonorable to kill Sing in her unconscious state, so he walked off and left the temple, leaving her where she lay. When Sing woke up, she was surprised that Typho hadn't finished her off. She was impressed by the way that he had fought, but still planned to track him down and gain revenge at a later date.


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