The First Knowledge Council Chamber was a circular room at the summit of the Tower of First Knowledge of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It hosted meetings of the Council of First Knowledge during the rule of the Galactic Republic. While the Tower and chamber were destroyed during the Galactic Civil War, the Reconstruction Authority rebuilt the Temple in 35 ABY, seeing the Tower and chamber rebuilt as they had been in the days of the Old Republic.


Old Republic[]

Chambers for the First Knowledge Council were erected at the apex of the First Knowledge Tower upon its addition to the Temple on Coruscant. While the Council made use of this location for several centuries, it was ultimately destroyed by the resurgent Sith Empire when a group of Sith Lords ransacked Coruscant.[3] After over a thousand years of fund-raising and rebuilding, the Galactic Senate was finally able to allot enough tax money to finish the Council Spires by 1000 BBY.[1]

At the conclusion of the Clone Wars Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, known as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to all but his closest advisers, ordered the destruction of the Jedi Order through a military operation known as Knightfall. Darth Vader led the 501st Legion into the Temple and began to systematically slaughter its occupants.[4] Following the abandonment of the Temple the chamber saw no use as the Council was dissolved. The Temple would survive for much of the Galactic Civil War, the Council Chamber leering over the surface of Coruscant for years. The ancient edifice was even re-inhabited briefly, as members of the new Jedi Order searched the destroyed hall for any information on the teachings of the old Order.[7] It wasn't until several years later that the five towers of the Temple collapsed, the Council chamber completely destroyed. The new Order would clear the rubble away and erect a small praxeum in their place on the roof of the Ziggurat;[8] though this too would be lost during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[9]


Following the retaking of Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, Chief of State Cal Omas donated a new Temple to the Order in recognition of the Jedi's efforts during the war. Using blueprints salvaged from the old Archives the Reconstruction Authority erected the new Temple to near-exact specifications; though a new transparisteel pyramid concealed the restored Council towers.[10]


Located at the peak of the southeast tower of the Temple, this circular chamber granted its occupants a rare glimpse of Coruscant. Circular in shape and accessed by a single turbolift,[1] the room was lined with high arching windows, and a ring of five cushioned chairs for the members of the Council. Each of the stone seats was equipped with a holoprojector that could be used when a Council member was attending the meeting from a distant world. Erected atop the Council Spire of the Temple, the chamber was ringed by a small corridor set between the inner and outer sets of transparisteel windows which granted a panoramic view of the cityscape. The turbolift was specially crafted with Force-inspired dynamics in order to accommodate Jedi of different species and size. Incorporated into the five pillars spread around the room were the supports and wiring for the reception/transmission antennas that crowned the spire. These antennas were responsible for feeding data to Jedi Command.[1]



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