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First Light was a Nau'ur-class yacht[1] owned by the near-human crime lord Dryden Vos of Crimson Dawn who used it as a personal residence and mobile base of operations for the crime syndicate.[4]

The yacht had a crew complement consisting of both organics and droids and had its own onboard security force, in the form of the Hylobon Enforcers.[3]


Following in a similar vein to other spaceships made by Kalevala Spaceworks like the Coronet,[5] the First Light was of a distinctive vertical design, being a very narrow, tall spaceship with the interior divided up into several floors and decks located on top of one another, with Dryden Vos' office and personal quarters located at the very top. All floors were connected and accessible via an elevator running through the height of the ship.[3]

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Behind the scenes[]

The interior of First Light was inspired by the Modernist interior of the Marin County Civic Center, designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and located at 20 minutes from Skywalker Ranch and where Star Wars creator George Lucas filmed in part the 1971 cult film THX-1138, his directorial debut. A preliminary version of the yacht was inspired by the high collar of Bela Lugosi's vampire costume of the 1931 film Dracula.[6] In earlier versions of the script, however, Dryden Vos' operations base was an island fortress with a canal system like Mont-Saint-Michel, rather than a ship.[7]



The First Light

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