"A freighter of mine has disappeared. It's presumed destroyed or captured by pirates."
Renna, on the First Light[src]

The First Light was a freighter that was used by the Cularin-based company Renna's Transport Service during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In about 21 BBY, the First Light was dispatched from the Cularin system to deliver a cargo of Naescorcom thermal detonators to House D'Vails, a merchant house that was based on the planet Druckenwell. However, the crew of the freighter were secretly in league with the Red Fury Brotherhood, a powerful band of pirates, and once the First Light had left the Cularin system, the crew sent out a distress signal and jettisoned some scrap metal from the ship, then jumped into hyperspace and joined up with the Brotherhood. The ship's disappearance was subsequently investigated by the Thaereian military, who discovered the debris that the crew of the First Light had left, and erroneously came to the conclusion that the vessel had been destroyed.

A short time later, the First Light traveled to Druckenwell and a group of Brotherhood pirates led by the Rodians Denma and Tazzik departed from the planet in the freighter, intent on flying it to the Republic space station New Dawn, to carry out a terrorist attack. However, a group of freelance agents stowed away aboard the First Light and confronted the pirates, preventing them from succeeding with their raid.


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