"First Mission" is a comic story that was published in The High Republic Adventures Annual 2021. The story was written by Justina Ireland, illustrated by Yael Nathan, and published by IDW Publishing on December 15, 2021.

Plot summary[]

Meeting Master Gios[]

Padawan Vernestra Rwoh arrives at the Jedi temple on the planet Hynestia to meet her new Jedi Master Stellan Gios. She finds Gios sparring with fellow Master Lynela Kabe-Oyu in their quarters. The two had not been expecting Vernestra for a few days. Gios greets his new Padawan, introducing himself as her new Master.

Stellan asks Vernestra to demonstrate her skills. Rwoh replies that she is just a Padawan but Gios insists on seeing her skills. Though Rwoh warns this is a bad idea, Stelan insists and charges at her. Rwoh uses the Force to throw her master against a wall. Rwoh apologizes but Gios complements her, telling her that she was excellent. Lynela agrees and invites Rwoh to a banquet at the Hynestian royal palace.

Hutt entanglements[]

At the royal banquet, Rwoh asks Master Gios if he attends many banquets. Gios says this is an exception. He adds that diplomacy is key to being a Jedi and explains that he and Master Lynela recently brokered a treaty between the Hynestians and the Hutts. Lynela agrees but says they should not gloat. Rwoh notices that a protocol droid is about to serve a beverage known as Povo Punch, which is derived from Povo berries that the Hutts find inedible.

Since the Hutts regard Povo substances as a grave insult, Gios stops the droid from serving the Povo bunches, smashing the glasses out of its tray. A Hutt diplomat demands to know the meaning of his behavior in Huttese. Gios explains that somebody tried to poison him with Povo Punch. The Hutt thanks him for eliminating a threat before ordering his forces to attack the Hynestians. As a gun battle breaks out, Gios assigns Lynela with evacuating the Hynestian royal family.

He then asks Rwoh if she knows how to use a lightsaber. Rwoh is able to use lightsaber. Gios teaches her that a Jedi defends life no matter the odds. Amidst the battle, Rwoh asks Gios if he ends up fighting Hutts often. Gios replies this is rare but that Jedi often learn there is a first time for everything. Since Lynela has evacuated the royal family, the Master and Padawan resolve to finish the fight.

At Rwoh's suggestion, she and Gios join forces to cut down a curtain, which falls on the Hutt forces. The Hutts attempt to flee. Gios blocks their path and reminds Jabba Desilijic Tiure that they had a treaty with the Hynestians. Jabba replies that they never signed it and never will.

The Hynestian Queen Nyla responds that they do not owe the Hutts the courtesies due to diplomats. Gios responds that she should have fled but Nyla responds Hynestians are fearless in confronting their enemies. Addressing the Hutts, Nyla tells them that they have made a fearsome enemy today. When Jabba asks what she will do, she responds that they will ransom them back to the Grand Hutt Council. If the Hutts refuse their terms, they will have their ways of dealing with assassins.

Lessons on Hynestia[]

Queen Nyla thanks Lynela for figuring that the Hutts were planning something. Lynela reminds her that Rwoh figured out the exact nature of the plot. The Queen says that she looks forward to getting to know the Padawan. While leaving the banquet hall, Rwoh asks Gios why he did not senses that the Hutts were not going to sign the peace treaty. Gios replies that one cannot always rely on thee Force due to surprises.

When Rwoh replies that she doesn't like surprises, Gios quips that the two of them are going to work well together. When Rwoh asks if he thinks so, he asks her to teach him about that "fun" little vault she did back there.


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Notes and references[]

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  2. "First Mission" features Vernestra Rwoh as a padawan, meaning that it takes place prior to her becoming a Jedi Knight. The High Republic: A Test of Courage establishes that she became a Knight when she was fifteen years old. Rwoh is also sixteen in The High Republic: A Test of Courage, which takes place concurrently to The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, meaning that Rwoh became a Knight a year before the events of The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, which takes place in c. 232 BBY per the reasoning here. Therefore Rwoh became a knight around 233 BBY and "First Mission" takes place by that year.

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