The First Order Special Forces[6] were an elite unit of the First Order military. They were used by the First Order to pilot TIE/sf space superiority fighters and reported directly to the upper ranks of First Order military hierarchy.[5] Visual difference to normal TIE fighter pilots was that the Special Forces fighter pilots bore red flashes on their helmets,[3] like the flight barons of the Old Empire.[1]

Training and EquipmentEdit

Special Forces Helmet

The inside of the Special Forces pilot helmet.

Similarly to standard First Order TIE pilots they were trained almost entirely on the Star Destroyers of the First Order, spending most of their lives in space. In addition to being highly trained in starfighters, they were also very skilled with blasters.[source?]

First Order Special Forces equipment was very similar to that of other First Order TIE pilots. It included positive gravity pressure boots, a vac-sealed suit and helmet, life-support gear. Their helmets had multiple upgrades from the standard ones including advanced sensor and targeting suites for both ground and space combat.[source?]

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