"These First Order commanders have planet sized egos. If I get up there, right in their faces, they'll all come after me right away. Even better, they'll all be competing with each other, doing anything they can do to make sure it's their ship that picks me off."
―Poe Dameron[4]

First Order officers[5] were officers who held a position of rank and authority in the First Order[6]—a military junta inspired by the Galactic Empire.[7][8] They wore distinctive dark uniforms[1] and hats, and wielded the SE-44 or SE-44C models of blaster pistol.[6] General Armitage Hux was one such officer.[9] First Order officers of a particularly high rank were granted access to the Upsilon-class command shuttles.[10] Because of the First Order believing in a hierarchy, it was forbidden for a stormtrooper to initiate contact with a First Order officer.[11]


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