The First Pius Dea Crusade was a punitive campaign waged by the Pius Dea Supreme Chancellor Contispex against Hutt Space beginning in the year 11,965 BBY. A humanocentric sect, the Pius Dea had come to power by impeaching the incumbent Chancellor Pers'lya in 11,987 BBY. Shortly after coming into power, Contispex was able to exploit popular anti-Hutt sentiment amongst the Galactic Republic citizenry.

The first major conflict since the Hutt Cataclysms in 15,000 BBY, the First Crusade launched over a millennia of religious conflict. The Republic dispatched a military expedition to Hutt Space—a crime haven which had threatened the Republic's frontiers in preceding millennia—launching three simultaneous assaults from the edges of Republic space. One fleet moved along the ancient Ootmian Pabol trade route from Ubrikkia to Kwenn and then into Hutt Space, while a second and third fleets moved from Ord Yndar and Ord Wylan into the crime-ridden region. The Hutts would again be targeted in the Second and Third Crusades, starting a trend of religious persecution of alien species.[1]

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The First Crusade was first indirectly mentioned in the story Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Praji by Nathan O'Keefe, released on February 5, 2009.[2] The Crusade was later greatly expanded on in the 2012 book The Essential Guide to Warfare, which gave background on the crusades' origin and depicted several of them on an accompanying map.[1]



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