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This article is about the skirmish in which Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri escaped from the Death Watch. You may be looking for the Skirmish on Carlac, in which the Death Watch battled the Galactic Republic.
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"Kill them! Kill them all!"
Pre Vizsla directing the Death Watch[src]

A skirmish occurred on Carlac around 21 BBY between R2-D2, Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka Tano and Pre Vizsla's Death Watch warriors. The skirmish started when the Death Watch warriors, under Vizsla's command started to torch the Ming Po town. Tano was captured during her attempt to halt the slaughter, but eventually escaped with R2-D2 and Bonteri.


"What have you gotten us into?"
"It's all under control."
"These are the Death Watch. They're Mandalorian terrorists. They'll kill us both."
―Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri on Carlac.[src]

After their failure to capture Mandalore and subsequent abandonement by Count Dooku, the Death Watch had set up a new camp on Carlac. They subjugated the populace of a nearby Ming Po town and kidnapped the women as servants.

Meanwhile, on Mandalore, during the Confederate–Republic peace conference, Lux Bonteri accused Count Dooku of murdering his mother, Mina Bonteri. He was taken away by the Separatists and brought before a hologram of Count Dooku. While talking to Dooku, Bonteri activated a holotrace device in order to pinpoint Dooku's location. Dooku ordered Bonteri killed but Ahsoka Tano, who'd been accompanying the Galactic Republic delegates, managed to rescue Bonteri from the battle droids and they escaped the planet aboard the Phoenix. Not wishing to ally himself with the Republic, Bonteri stunned Tano and piloted the ship to Carlac in order to provide the Death Watch with Dooku's location. There, they were met by Bo-Katan Kryze and several Death Watch warriors, who were expecting Bonteri's arrival. In order to hide her identity as a Jedi, Tano announced herself as Bonteri's betrothed, and got R2-D2 to hide her lightsabers in his chassis. Unable to stay with the ship without giving themselves away, Tano and R2-D2 accompanied the Death Watch warriors back to their camp.


Tryla is killed by Pre Vizsla

Later that evening while the Death Watch celebrated, Chief Pieter of the local town arrived, demanding that the women be returned, and that the Death Watch leave their planet. Pretending to accept the demands, Vizsla and the Death Watch brought the women to the town the next morning. However, Pre Vizsla stabbed the Chiefs grand-daughter, Tryla, killing her, and ordered the Death Watch to destroy and torch the town.

The skirmishEdit

"Stop! The Jedi is mine!"
―Pre Vizsla before dueling Ahsoka Tano[src]

Tano, though devoid of her lightsabers, attempted to protect the Ming Po from the Death Watch. Seeing a Death Watch warrior targeting a citizen with his flamethrower, she grabbed a pole, throwing it and impaling him. She attack two more members of the Death Watch, knocking them to the ground before she was attacked by Vizsla armed with his darksabe. She managed to dodge his swings before being immobilized by the cables of several Death Watch warriors.

Announcing the capture of a Jedi, Vizsla ordered Tano dragged back to the camp. Upon seeing Tano captured, R2-D2 asked the other droids in the camp for help. He had just recently repaired them all and wishing to repay him they agreed to help him rescue Bonteri and Tano.

Meanwhile, Bonteri tried to convince Vizsla to let Ahsoka go. Vizsla however was determined to kill the Jedi, maintaining that they had committed countless crimes against Mandalore. About to behead Tano, he was interupted by R2-D2, wheeling about the tent, emmitting smoke and distracting the assembled warriors. Bonteri broke free, pushing Vizsla away from Tano and heading towards the entrance of the tent. Quickly, R2-D2 rolled up to Tano, and passed her lightsabers to her. Tano sliced the cords binding her and in a single move beheaded the four Death Watch warriors who had been holding her.

Vizsla ordered his warriors back, claiming the Jedi as his own. Tano directed Lux to go find a ship before turning back to Vizsla. He ignited his darksaber and attacked her. The two dueled around the tent before Vizsla kicked Tano through the entrance and outside. R2-D2 had assembled the droids outside with Bonteri and, as the Death Watch followed Tano outside, engaged them. Tano continued her duel with Vizsla while Bonteri and R2-D2 commandeered a RGC-16 airspeeder and the droids were systematically disabled by the Death Watch. Leaping over Vizsla, Tano managed to slash his jetpack, forcing him to drop it to the ground where it promptly exploded. The explosion allowed Tano enough of a distraction to jump on the back of the airspeeder, all three of them fleeing the camp.

Vizsla ordered Kryze to pursue the speeder with two other warriors of the Nite Owls. Using their jetpacks, they caught up with the speeder, firing at it. Tano deflected the blaster bolts back at one of the warriors, causing his jetpack to explode. The second warrior flew down to the airspeeder, knocked the lightsabers out of Tano's hands and attempted to strangle her. However R2-D2 sprayed oil on his helmet, obscuring his vision and allowing Tano to Force push him off the speeder. Kryze landed on the speeder quickly overpowering Tano and knocking her off the feet, leaving her hanging off the edge of the speeder. Preparing to shoot Tano, she temporarily lost her balance as Bonteri swerved the airspeeder. Swinging herself back on to the airspeeder, Tano attacked Kryze again, fighting her hand to hand, this time managing to push her off the front of the airspeeder with the Force.


"I can't go with you Ahsoka. You know that."
―Lux Bonteri[src]

Tano, Bonteri and R2-D2 managed to escape the planet aboard the Phoenix, leaving the Death Watch on Carlac. Bonteri subsequently decided that while he was no longer allied with the Separatists, he could not join the Republic. He jettisoned away in the escape pod leaving Tano and R2-D2 on the ship.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This skirmish first appeared in "A Friend in Need", but was later mentioned in "A War on Two Fronts."

At the end of "A Friend in Need" Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka Tano, and R2-D2 manage to escape but leave the Death Watch on the planet, presumably able to still destroy the Ming Po village. However, the encyclopedia article for Tryla states that she "did not live long enough to see her town liberated," implying that the village was at some point liberated.[5]



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