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The Ree family was a notable family of First Wavers

The First Wavers, also known as the valley kindred, were the original human settlers of the planet Jelucan, who arrived around 511 BBY. The initial settlers were exiles from another world who refused to break allegiance to their king and arrived in near total poverty, but managed to survive. They were followed by a Second-wave of human and alien settlers, who established mining operations and built urban settlements. The First Wavers came to be called the "valley kindred" because they lived in Jelucan's valleys, in humble abodes. First Wavers regarded the Second-wavers as arrogant and materialistic, while Second-wavers regarded them as poor and superstitious. Due to how their people came to Jelucan, they valued loyalty, and to them, the worst crime that could be committed was to knowingly break an oath. Some notable First Wavers included Imperial Navy Captain Ciena Ree, her father Paron Ree, and her mother Verine Ree. Both the First and Second Wavers welcomed the Imperial annexation of Jelucan.[1]


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