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The Second Battle of Mobetta was a space battle between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire. It saw the arrival of the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Compellor at the Airam X7 factory Gallofree, allowing the refit of the Strike-class cruiser Peregrine to commence.

The BattleEdit

After the Battle of Swellen, Alliance High Command knew the Empire would launch a massive search and rescue operation for its lost interdictor. The Rebels deployed Rogue and Green Squadrons near the Airam factory to ensure that the Compellor (which was on its way) would arrive safely.

The Rebels' pragmatism would be vindicated when TIE Avengers from Zeta Squadron jumped into the system, immediately engaging the Rebel forces. The Zeta craft tried to distract and disrupt the lines of the Compellor's fighter screen.

In the heat of battle, two squadrons of Assault Gunboats entered the system and engaged the damaged interdictor, trying to disable it.

Flying superbly, Rogue Squadron dispatched the Imperial fighter craft. The Imperial search efforts were intensive, however, and following the Avengers and Assault Gunboats, three heavily armed Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports (headed for the Compellor) and two nimble Corellian corvettes (outfitted with surveillance equipment) dropped out of hyperspace.

In a tense battle decided by the skill of the Rebel pilots, the Alliance succeeded in clearing the Mobetta system of Imperial craft, temporarily keeping the location of the Compellor a secret.


While this first search group was entirely wiped out, the Rebels were fully aware that the Empire would send a larger, better-armed group to have a lookout for their missing patrol.


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