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"You won't get this kind of service from other water taxi's, no sir!"

Fish was a Human male living on Telerath in the town of Noua and an owner of a water taxi. He offered a ride to the city center to a former Jedi Dass Jennir and told him the short history of the city and the two gangs residing in it. He later became Jennir's guide throughout the city, performing various requests for a considerable fee.


The Human male known as Fish lived on the world of Telerath, where he operated a water taxi within the Noua archipelago region of the planet. In the year 19 BBY, following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Fish began accepting the new Imperial Credits as paymeent for his services. In that year he witnessed the arrival of the ex-Jedi Dass Jennir on Telerath, who had traveled to the world after being hired by the local business owner Ember Chankeli to help deal with a gang of slavers operating in the archipelago. Once Jennir landed, Fish offered to transport him and his droid companion H2 to the inhabited region of the archipelago, which the new arrival accepted. During the journey, Fish explained some of Telerath's history to Jennir and when the ex-Jedi showed interest in the local gangs Fish made the assumption that the offworlder had come to join one of them. Fish then directed Jennir to the try-outs for the slaver gang, which were taking place that day in the main square. Upon completing the journey, Jennir paid Fish far more than the taxi-man expected and then informed him that he was on retainer.[1]

Fish then pursued his new employer to the try-outs, where he witnessed Jennir use his blaster to disarm several members of the slaver gang, after a local boy named Dado challenged the Chagrian swordsman Mors Demanna to attempt to earn a place in the organisation. Fish approached Jennir and applauded his shooting skill after the ex-Jedi was informed of the Sword law, which decreed that all conflict should be settled with swords not blasters. Due to the law Jennir then asked Fish where he could purchase a sword, much to Fish's surprise,[1] and he lead Jennir to a swordsmith from who the ex-Jedi bought a blade. Finally Fish offered to show Jennir the best place to stay in town, but the ex-Jedi chose to stay at Ember's Fire, a brothel run by his employer Chankeli. With Jennir set for the night, Fish returned to his boat, where he witnessed an unruly patron dropped through a trap door in the bottom of Ember's. Later that night, Jennir called on Fish again to bring him back to his ship, where he had the taxi driver wait for his return. Jennir then traveled to Telerath's second moon where he killed a several members of the local spice running gang, and framed the slavers for it. He then returned to Fish who drove him back to his quarters at the brothel.[2]

The next time Fish saw Jennir, the ex-Jedi had been badly beaten by Ken-Kiba, leader of the spice runners, who after destroying the slaver gang had discovered that Jennir had actually been behind the attack on his base on Telerath's second moon. Fish's employer had escaped from Ember's, where Ken-Kiba had attacked him, through the trap door and then been attacked by a large eel-like creature. Fish pulled him from the water and away from the eel,[3] then took Jennir to his home at the end of the archipelago to recover. The pair lay low for several days, while H2 delivered news of what the spice gang was doing back to Fish. On one mission to gather information though the droid was shot, but managed to make it back to Fish with Jennir's sword before shutting down. When the ex-Jedi awoke, Fish explained what had happened while he'd been unconscious and then warned him not to try and fight until his wounds healed.[4]

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