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"Vice Chancellor, I imagine that fishing is a very popular pastime on your homeworld."
"Champala's seas are not what they once were, but yes, of course."
"Then you understand the need for a proper lure, the proper bait, and even the proper device required to land a catch."
"To extend your analogy, Dr. Erso may be one of those rare creatures who is not easily attracted to even the most colorful lure or the tastiest bait."
Lieutenant Commander Orson Callan Krennic and Vice Chair Mas Amedda on Galen Erso[src]

Chewbacca fishing on Ach-To

Fishing was the act of catching fish. Long before the arrival of the Galactic Empire, fisheries were a major industry on the planet of Lothal.[1] During the Age of the Empire, fishing operations also existed on Arkanis, and Scaparus Port housed many shops supplying fisherfolk.[2] The planet Pillio was a profitable destination for feuding Mon Calamari and Nautolan fishing companies.[3] Penn Zarang once said that fishing was a dangerous business on Arkanis.[2] The father of Sifo-Dyas was a fisherman in Minashee.[4] The Force-sensitive woman Verla worked as a fisherwoman on the planet Serelia.[5]



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