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Ewoks fishing

Wicket Wystri Warrick takes Wiley and Nippet fishing.

"Hoop, huhp, Burl!"
―A Glurrg after being ordered to fish[src]

Fishing was a practice of gathering aquatic fish for food observed by many cultures and factions across the galaxy.[1] It was perhaps the most popular form of harvesting on planets with large masses of water, such as Naboo,[1] the Forest Moon of Endor,[2] and others. Most civilizations would use some variety of fishing pole or claw to gather the fish, but more primitive cultures, like the Gungans, would use Glurrgs to dive in after the fish and catch them.[1]

Fishing was also one of the skills taught to Wookiee colonists on Alaris Prime by Qui-Gon Jinn as means of gathering food in the wilderness. Fishing on a scale large enough to feed an entire colony could be conducted by labor droids harvesting shore fish or in deeper waters by utility trawlers.[1]



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