Fitsay was the capital city of the planet Sedri.

The city had a Inn for pilgrims, houses for the citizens and farmers and marketplaces where the local Sedrians sold goods and wares. The seat of government was the High Priest House, connected to it was the House of War, the Audience Hall and the Priest House. The Great Shell Dome was the structure where the Golden Sun was held and the Sacred Pews, large benches that overlooked the Great Shell Dome where Sedrians from every region of the planet would sit and watch the wonders of the Golden Sun.


During the Galactic Civil War, Karak the power hungry leader of the Sedrian renegades struck a deal with the Imperial Commander Aban to hand over the Rebel diplomat Mors Odrion and Half of the Golden Sun in exchange for Imperial Weapons for the Renegades to subjugate the City and for Karak to take control of the Sun caves, the dwelling of the Golden Sun. Karak and Aban's plot to harness the power of the golden sun was impeded by Rebel agents sent to recover Odrion.

The Rebels had showed Karak's daughter, Fala, her father's lies as they showed her a hologram of Karak and Aban, proving he simply wanted the power for himself. Fala, shattered over the discovery of her father's dealings sent a hundred Renegade troops to assist in defending Fitsay and the Golden Sun from Imperial forces leading to the Sedri civil war. After fighting an AT-AT swimmer and Seatroopers the Rebels eventually defeated a dark side powered Karak and allowed the Golden Sun's power to be shared with all Sedrians, dissipating the coral reef's immense power.



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