The Five Masters Academy, also known as The Temple of the Five Masters, was the glass and durasteel building located on the planet Cularin, and served as the base for the Wookiee Liberation Front. During the early years of the Clone Wars, the three-story-building was constructed on the request of the Five Masters, and funded by Barnab Chistor.

The entire complex was burned to the ground shortly after the end of the Clone Wars when it was destroyed by a mysterious phenomenon. Although Chistor and the Master in Violet were able to repel the force, they were soon surrounded by the reanimated bodies of the dead. Their bodies were never found amidst the rubble, and it was assumed that Chistor and the Master in Violet were killed.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The academy was a three-story building with its main chamber being the Training Hall. Off of the Hall were several galleries where the Masters taught their acolytes. The Master in Green was found dead outside the chamber in the main entrance.

The Garden of Peace were set up within. It is within these chambers the Master in Red was found dead.

Galleries[edit | edit source]

Off the Training Hall were several private chambers for the Five Masters. The Master in White ran the White Gallery, where he trained his students in his arts. The Violet Gallery was the training gallery that was maintained for the Master in Violet. All were destroyed in the attack on the Academy.

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