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"Call me Fives."
"But…five is a number."
"No, not five. Fives."
"Oh…the difference is minimal."
"Not to me. And not to any clone."
―Fives and AZI-3[5]

Fives was an Advanced Recon Commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Due to his clone designation, CT-5555, short for CT-27-5555, he referred to himself as "Fives." Originally a clone cadet during the early phase of the pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Fives completed his training on Kamino and attained the rank of trooper alongside his teammates in Domino Squad. As a newly trained soldier, he was stationed in a Republic outpost on the Rishi Moon at the time of a Separatist attack on the installation. As one of only two survivors, Fives was recruited into the 501st Legion. Following the successful defense of Kamino, he joined the ranks of the elite Advanced Recon Commandos as ARC-5555 along with Echo, the only other survivor of the attack on Rishi Station.

Following the capture of Jedi General Even Piell, Fives was deployed with a team of Jedi and clones to Lola Sayu in order to rescue the imprisoned General from a facility known as the Citadel. Though the team sustained multiple casualties over the course of the mission, resulting in the death of Piell and the loss of Echo, who was presumed dead, Fives was among the survivors rescued by Jedi General Plo Koon. Later in the war, Fives served with the 501st during the Battle of Umbara. During the campaign, he played a key role in both the capture of the Umbaran airbase and the destruction of the Separatist supply ship. However, the clones ultimately discovered that their general, the Besalisk Jedi Master Pong Krell, had betrayed the Republic, deceiving his own clone troopers into fighting each other. As a result, Fives participated in their efforts to capture the fallen Jedi.

While attempting to take Ringo Vinda from the Separatists, Fives witnessed the death of Tiplar, a Jedi General executed mid-battle by CT-5385 "Tup." A chain of events was set in motion by the preemptive execution of Clone Protocol 66, leading Fives to discover a conspiracy involving inhibitor chips, a plot to destroy the Jedi Order, and—to an extent—Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's connection to it. After being accused by Palpatine as a failed assassin, Fives sought to warn Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex" but was confronted by Clone Commander CC-1010 "Fox" and a contingent of Coruscant Guard shock troopers. When a desperate Fives, believing that no one would listen to the information he had learned about the inhibitor chips, drew his weapon on Fox, he was killed by him, dying in Rex's arms.

Although Fives was killed before he could expose the conspiracy behind the inhibitor chips, his actions impacted the execution of Order 66. At least two clones—CC-3636 "Wolffe," and CC-5576-39 "Gregor"—removed their chips at some point either before or after the activation of the Order. CT-6116 "Kix" conducted his own investigation which led him to discover Palpatine's conspiracy and forced Dooku to abduct and freeze him within cryo-cycle stasis to prevent the information from being leaked, thus removing him from any further involvement within the Clone Wars and Order 66. When members of the 501st executed Order 66 against Ahsoka Tano, she used Fives's knowledge of the conspiracy to save Rex and remove his inhibitor chip. As such, Rex did not turn against the Jedi unlike the rest of the clone army that went on to serve the Galactic Empire.


Clone cadet on Kamino[]

"Thanks, CT-27-5555. That was close."
"It's Fives. The name is Fives!"
―Cutup and Fives[4]

A clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett, CT-27-5555, whose digits led to his nickname of "Fives,"[4] appeared as though he would be another simple clone trooper, but fate, or potentially the Force, had other designs for him.[6] During the first year of the Clone Wars, Fives, along with CT-00-2010 "Droidbait," CT-782 "Hevy," CT-1409 "Echo," and CT-4040 "Cutup" were clone cadets in Domino Squad. The other clones in Domino Squad called Fives by his number, CT-27-5555, although Fives preferred to be called by his nickname. Domino Squad was reckless, and they rarely got along as a team. Their training was overseen by bounty hunters Bric and El-Les, and Jedi Master Shaak Ti. The cadets were given a test and to pass it, all cadets must successfully work as a team without any injuries. During one of Domino Squad's combat simulation tests, Droidbait broke away from the group and was shot. El-Les and Commander Colt ended their test and failed the team for their inability to function as a cooperative unit.[4]


Echo and Fives confer with Shaak Ti.

The cadets went to their sleeping quarters, but Fives and fellow cadet Echo went to Shaak Ti and asked for a transfer to a new squad. Ti declined their request, and she revealed she had faith within Domino Squad and allowed the team to try the challenge one more time. During the test, Fives, along with his squadmates, noticed that they did not have their ascension cables due to tampering in their equipment by a still skeptical Bric. The clones decided to assist one another in free-climbing the turrets along the sides of the Citadel to complete their task. It proved a success and Domino Squad celebrated their victory, finally coming to know one another as brothers and a team. Ti and El-Les commended Domino Squad's efforts, and all five cadets were given medals as a symbol of their graduation from clone cadet to full fledged members of the Grand Army of the Republic.[4]

Service on the Rishi Moon[]

"Permission to take point, sir?"
"I'm always first, kid."
―Fives and Rex[3]

After graduating their basic Kamino training, Fives and his fellow rookies, Hevy, Cutup, Droidbait, and Echo, were given their first assignment. Assigned to the Rishi Moon, the clones were charged with protecting and operating a Republic listening post. Led by clone sergeant O'Niner, the rookies were the only form of defense during an attempted Separatist takeover of the listening post. Following the initial assault from Separatist commando droids, Fives, Echo, Cutup, and Hevy managed to escape the base through the ventilation shaft and emerged onto the moon's surface but not long after they were encountered by a Rishi eel, which killed Cutup. After the arrival of Clone Commander CC-2224 "Cody" and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex," who were visiting the base for a routine inspection, Fives and his comrades warned the officers with a signal flare that the base was occupied by Separatist droids. Fives met Captain Rex and Commander Cody for the first time after they rappelled from the platform. The clone troopers then decided to retake the base.[3]


Echo and Fives are welcomed in the 501st

Following Rex's plan, the clones tricked the droids into opening the blast doors and stormed the base, with Fives firing his blaster for the first time and getting his first kills. After the successful recapture, Fives assisted the clone officers in securing the base and working to fix the signal that the droids had sabotaged to remain broadcasting the all clear signal. After noticing a Separatist invasion fleet approaching the moon, Fives, Commander Cody, and Hevy located the armory and secured weaponry for the entire clone group and then left to defend against the new assault while the others rigged the base to explode using canisters of tibanna gas.[3]

After fighting back a second wave of battle droids, Fives and the clone group escaped through a maintenance hatch to the moon's surface. Clone trooper Hevy stayed behind and destroyed the station when the remote detonation failed, effectively alerting the Republic of the invasion and sacrificing himself. After being rescued by the Republic, Fives and Echo, the only survivors of Domino Squad, were invited to join the 501st Legion and serve under Captain Rex.[3]

Battle of Kamino[]

" Look around! We're one and the same; same heart, same blood. Your training is in your blood. And my blood's boiling for a fight!"
―Fives, trying to motivate the cadets during the Battle of Kamino as droids close in[7]

Fives and Echo assist Captain Rex and Commander Cody in the defense of Kamino.

Later in the war, Fives, Echo and the rest of the 501st returned to Kamino to defend it an oncoming Separatist invasion. Being back on their homeworld after months away proved surreal to the two surviving members of Domino Squad. In preparation for the defense of the planet's cloning facilities, they were reunited with 99, a deformed maintenance clone who had been kind to the Dominos during their training, and informed him of Hevy's death. Saddened by the news, 99 revealed that he had Hevy's graduation medal, which had been a gift between the two clones, to Fives and Echo. After a moment of sadness between the three clones, 99 volunteered to help prepare for the invasion.[7]

When Asajj Ventress's Trident-class assault ships attacked, Fives and Echo were assigned by ARC trooper Havoc to work as snipers above the city to hold off the oncoming droid forces. With 99's help, the duo was able to stall the advancement of Separatist forces before having to retreat. In the midst of the chaos, the three clones happened upon a team of lost cadets and escorted them to safety. As General Grievous and Ventress advanced further into the heart of Kamino in the search of genetic samples of the Republic's clone army, the group was found by Captain Rex and Commander Cody at the cadet barracks. After 99 helped them gather weapons from a nearby armory, the group staged a trap for the incoming droids. Together, the troopers, the cadets, and 99 were able to defeat a squad of Grievous's battle droids. However, the battle ended in grief; 99 died trying to retrieve grenades and ammo for his brothers. After the battle was over, Fives and Echo were promoted by Captain Rex to ARC trooper for the role they played in the defense of Kamino.[7]

Battle of Lola Sayu[]

"We're trusting those droids to get us into the Citadel?"
―Fives, to Cody[8]

Echo (left) and Fives (right) as ARC Troopers during their covert mission to Lola Sayu

Following his promotion to the rank of ARC trooper, Fives took part in an operation on[9] the planet Christophsis in the Outer Rim,[10] where he worked alongside a team of fellow ARC troopers who at one moment needed to use ascension cables.[9] At another point, Fives encountered a B1-series battle droid, which he tore the head off of.[11]

Fives and Echo were assigned to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker's mission to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell from the Citadel on Lola Sayu. After being frozen in carbon to sneak past Separatist life-form detecting scanners, the rescue team was successful in infiltrating the Citadel. They were able to climb the cliff to get inside the Citadel, but clone trooper Charger lost his balance and fell, dying and alerting the Separatists and Warden Osi Sobeck of their presence. Nonetheless, the force made their way through the facility and freed Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, and multiple captive clone officers. Pursued by Separatist security, the rescue team was forced to split up to protect the vital intelligence carried by the Piell and Tarkin. Echo and Fives joined Skywalker's team through the old tunnels beneath the Citadel, along with Tarkin.[8]

Pursued by Separatist forces, Skywalker's team was initially delayed in their attempts to rendezvous with Kenobi's. An impromptu plan was developed to meet back at the Citadel's airfields and hopefully use Separatist aircraft to escape. While the teams reunited, Sobeck's security droids amassed in force. During a fierce firefight, Fives and Echo tried to reach the shuttle. Echo made it to the ramp but at the same time the ship was hit and exploded. Fives and both teams had no time to search for their comrade and were forced to flee the airfield, thus Echo was presumed killed in action.[12] Unbeknownst to them however, Echo survived[13] and was captured by the Separatists,[14] but it would be the last time Fives ever saw Echo,[12] as by the time Echo's survival was discovered[15] it was too late for Fives.[16]


Captain Rex and Fives participate in the rescue of Jedi General Even Piell.

Fives and the others made their escape across Lola Sayu's shadowy landscape, fighting Sobeck's battle droids and being tracked by his anoobas. Piell was killed when the anoobas caught up, but managed to transfer his half of the intel to Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. The team finally reached the rendezvous point to await Master Koon's extraction team. When a desperate Sobeck personally attacked the group, Fives was able to shoot him down from his STAP, allowing for his eventual death at the hands of Ahsoka. Fives and the others were then rescued and returned to Coruscant.[17]

Battle of Umbara[]

"This is about more than just following orders."
"It is. It's about honor."
"Where is the honor in marching blindly to our deaths?"
―Fives and Rex[18]

Fives, Captain Rex, and General Pong Krell participate in the fighting on Umbara

When Umbara seceded from the Republic, Fives was re-assigned to the 501st, becoming the one of two assigned ARC Troopers in the battalion for the upcoming campaign, alongside Rex. He was also present in the initial ground assault against Umbaran forces, even rescuing fellow trooper Hardcase from a vixus. Following the establishment of a forward position, Anakin Skywalker was called off-planet. In his place, the venerated Jedi General Pong Krell was assigned as the temporary leader of the 501st. Fives quickly drew issue with Krell's firm and seemingly reckless style of leadership, which often led to the unnecessary endangerment and death of fellow clones. Fives joined Rex in voicing his direct concern with the Besalisk's leadership style, only to be met with a drawn lightsaber.[19]


Fives and Hardcase undergo a secret mission against Krell's orders

Following a failed attempt at reaching the Umbaran capital city, Fives and the rest of the 501st then held their ground against increasing enemy resistance. Efforts were refocused when Krell received orders to target a critical airbase. Krell ordered a full-frontal assault through a valley. Again, Krell's leadership style led to the death of dozens of soldiers, further enraging Fives. Despite Rex's insistence that he keep a level head for the sake of the rest of the troops, Fives advocated for a plan of action separate from Krell's. As more troops perished in action against advanced Umbaran military technology, Rex sent Fives and Hardcase, against Krell's wishes, to capture enemy aircraft and assist in the battle. Despite a lack of familiarity with the technology, the plan proved to be a success. Fives and Hardcase were able to enter the base undetected, commandeer two enemy starfighters, and secure a victory. While Krell expressed his frustration with the insubordination, he begrudgingly accepted the victory it afforded him.[20]

With the base captured, Fives continued to voice his frustration with Krell to Rex. He found himself repeatedly rebuffed as Rex struggled to hold the battalion together under Krell. After a series of long-range missile attacks threatened both the base and the 212th Attack Battalion, Fives approached Rex with a plan hatched by himself, Hardcase, and CT-5597 "Jesse" to utilize the captured Umbaran fighters and launch a sneak attack on the unsuspecting Separatist supply ship, hopefully ending the airstrikes. Rex eagerly presented the plan to Krell. When Krell refused to authorize the plan, the three clones undertook the mission anyway.[18]

The trio sneaked out of the airbase in Umbaran Starfighters. When Krell demanded to know where the clones had gone, Rex covered for them. In space, Fives, Hardcase, and Jesse successfully destroyed the supply ship, but not without the loss of Hardcase, who sacrificed his life so his brothers could live another day. Fives and Jesse escaped the exploding supply ship while Hardcase slammed one of his starship's missiles into the ship's core.[18]

Upon their successful return, Fives and Jesse shared their victory and grief with Rex and Tup, who had run out to meet them. They were interrupted by clones sent by Krell to fetch Fives and Jesse. In the base's tower, a furious Krell yelled at Fives and Jesse and arrested the clones with the intention of having them court-martialed.[18]


Fives and Jesse are prepared for execution.

Rex opposed Krell's decision, even trying to take the punishment himself. However, he only angered Krell further. The Jedi ordered the immediate execution of Fives and Jesse. As Fives and Jesse were lined up to be killed by a firing squad of their brothers, led by Dogma, Fives made a plea to his fellow clones. He said that he felt that his actions were justified, and that clones, as people, shouldn't follow orders when they know the orders are wrong. The clones, realizing that they held a greater loyalty to justice and each other than their general, fired, but missing, then lowered their weapons and refused to carry out Krell's orders.[21]

Before the general could retaliate, word reached the base that a portion of the 212th had been captured by Umbaran natives who were now posing as clone soldiers. Fives and Jesse were put back in the brig while Krell sent Captain Rex and the rest of the 501st clone troopers out to stop the disguised enemies. The 501st engaged their foes, resulting in massive casualties on both sides. The battle was cut off when Rex realized that the opposing soldiers were clones of the 212th, also sent under Krell's orders.[21]

Led by Rex, the furious remainder of the two battalions returned to the airbase with the intent of arresting General Krell for treason against the Republic. After releasing Fives and Jesse from the brig, the group found Krell in the tower. When they accused Krell of treachery, he admitted he had been secretly manipulating the soldiers all along. After a brief encounter with a confused Dogma, the clones set out to catch the former Jedi. What followed was a desperate and deadly attempt at capture during which dozens of clones died. It ended when Tup, with the help of a native vixus, managed to deceive and detain the mad general long enough to stun him.[21]

Now a prisoner of the clones, Krell revealed to Fives and his brothers that his actions on Umbara were due to a lack of faith in the Republic and intended to gain the loyalty of Count Dooku. Fives, Rex, and the rest of the 501st leadership debated what to do with the dangerous rogue Jedi they now held captive. When news broke that General Kenobi's forces had captured the planet's capital and that the remaining Umbaran military were headed directly for their current position, it was decided that Krell should be executed. When Rex hesitated to kill his former general, a distraught Dogma fired the killing blow. With Krell dead and the Umbarans subdued, Fives left the shadowy planet with shaken faith in his place in the Republic's war effort, voicing his uncertainty to Rex but remaining confident that one day, the war would end.[21]

The biochip conspiracy[]


Fives participates in the interrogation of Tup following his unexpected killing of Jedi Master Tiplar.

Fives continued to serve as an active member of the 501st throughout the latter years of the war. In the process, he grew close with his fellow clones and fostered strong friendships with the different members of his battalion. Later, Fives, along with the rest of the 501st, took part in a military campaign to defeat Separatist forces led by Admiral Trench occupying space station surrounding the world of Ringo Vinda. In the process of battle, a fellow clone and close friend of Fives, Tup, fired upon and killed Jedi General Tiplar. In the chaos, the 501st were forced to retreat. While Tup appeared to be unaware of his actions, he continued to display strange behavior and lash out violently towards Jedi. Both Jedi and clone leadership determined that Tup should be sent to Kamino for further evaluation. However, in the process, Tup was temporarily captured by Separatist forces on his departure from the station. Together Fives, Rex, and Anakin Skywalker were able to retrieve a still unconscious Tup before Trench's droids could abscond with him. Concerned for his friend's safety, Fives requested that he accompany the troubled clone to Kamino.[22]


Fives watches Tup's medical tests.

Upon arriving at Kamino, the facilities medical leader, Nala Se, said that Tup's strange behavior may in fact be a virus and requested that Fives stay behind on the planet to undergo examinations alongside his friend. Fives agreed, primarily to keep an eye on the treatment of his friend. He quickly grew suspicious of the care afforded to Tup, and began to suspect the Kaminoans of possessing an ulterior motive. With the assistance of medical droid AZ1-3, who created a diversion, Fives performed a dangerous level 5 brain scan on Tup. Fearing for Tup's immediate safety, Fives and AZ1-3 removed the tumor from his brain. While the operation appeared to be a success, Shaak Ti and Nala Se discovered his insubordination and reprimanded him for his risky behavior. Despite Fives's efforts, Tup died of medical complications, much to Five's devastation. However, Tup's final words prior to his death were telling Fives that the never-ending mission they had nightmares about was finally over.[5]

With Tup's passing, Fives was seemingly cleared from his own examinations and ordered to return back to the frontlines with the 501st. However, a passing comment from AZ-3 revealed that the Kaminoans in fact intended to wipe his brain and reassign him to maintenance. In a moment of desperation, Fives lashed out against Kaminoan security and fled into the depths of the facility with his droid friend in tow. Now convinced that there was more to his friend's death than previously appeared, he stole the tumor to conduct further tests of his own. Together with AZ-3, Fives was able to determine that the tumor itself was in fact an artificially designed organic chip inserted into Tup's head. Further investigation revealed that the chip itself was installed during the earliest stages of clone embryo development. Fearing for his own safety, Fives ordered AZI-3 to remove the chip from his own brain. Comparing the two chips, AZI-3 and Fives discovered that Fives's chip appeared to be healthy and functioning properly while Tup's suffered from some form of decay. Shortly after discovering this, he was discovered by Nala Se and the rest of the Kaminoan security forces. While Nala Se insisted that the chip was designed to curb aggression among clones, Fives argued that the chip itself was reason for suspicion. His words convinced Shaak Ti and she requested that Fives be sent to Coruscant to undergo further tests and to plead his case to the Supreme Chancellor.[23]

While en route to Coruscant, Nala Se secretly injected Fives, barely conscious due to the stress of his impromptu surgery, with a form of mind clouding drug. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself met with Fives along with Nala Se and Shaak Ti. Despite his best efforts, Fives's description of his experiences were unable to convince any of the other members of the meeting of his belief of a conspiracy. Despite Nala Se's insistence that Fives was suffering from paranoia and mental degradation, Palpatine requested to speak to the soldier alone to hear his story in further detail. After Shaak Ti and Nala Se had left, the Chancellor revealed the true purpose of the biochips to Fives as well as his involvement in the plot. He then attacked Fives, who in a moment of self defense was framed as a potential assassin. Now a fugitive from justice, Fives fled into the bowels of Coruscant, looking for potential allies and anyone who might hear him out. Eventually, he arrived at the clone bar, 79's. There he managed to convince his longtime friend, fellow 501st soldier Kix, to contact Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex so that they could speak privately.[16]


"This…it's…bigger than any of us…than anything…I could've imagined…I never meant to…I only wanted to do my duty."
"Brother. Fives. Stay with me, Fives. Fives!"
"The mission…the nightmares…they're…finally…over…"
―Fives and Rex, shortly before Fives's death — (audio) Listen (file info)[16]

Fives dies in Rex's arms.

To Fives's surprise, both Skywalker and Rex appeared at his requested meeting spot. Fearing that neither would listen to his story, he trapped both in a ray shield. Agitated by his experience and by Nala Se's drugging, Fives's attempts to explain his actions and his discoveries proved incoherent. When Skywalker accused Fives of trying to assassinate Palpatine, the tension escalated.[16]

Just then, midway through Fives's explanation, Commander Fox and a squad of Coruscant guards arrived to arrest him, having been sent by Palpatine. Desperate not to be captured, a terrified Fives reached for one of Rex's discarded blasters. After a warning, Fox fired, shooting Fives in the chest and mortally wounding him. Fives spent his final moments in Rex's arms, where he spoke his last words, referencing Tup's, having finally found peace.[16]


"I learned something… something horrible. Fives knew… He's the one who figured it all out after Tup… and it got him killed. But I kept investigating. They said it was a virus…"
―Kix recalling what he had learned shortly after being rescued from stasis[24]

Rex was heavily affected by the loss of his brother.[13] Skywalker was also hurt by the loss of Fives, who had been one of his best troops. Losing Tup and Fives, both of whom appeared to die under the mysterious circumstances, were two of the many blows to Skywalker's mental health that the Jedi Knight faced in the final months of the Clone Wars, making it seem like his personal life was falling apart around him.[25]


Rex looks at a holograph image of himself with Cody, Echo and Fives.

Later in the war, following Fives's death, Rex kept a holographic picture of himself, Cody, Fives, and Echo, which he looked at and reminisced about during the Battle of Anaxes, after suspecting that a Separatist algorithm could in fact be Echo alive and well, after having previously been assumed dead at the Citadel. Rex remarked that he had watched many of his brothers fall in the war, naming Fives, Echo, and Hevy.[13] With the help of the irregular Clone Force 99, Rex and General Skywalker were able to rescue the still-living Echo from Techno Union captivity on Skako Minor.[26]

Kix became determined to find out what Fives died for. Upon conducting his own investigation, he discovered the depths of the conspiracy and attempted to warn the Jedi and the Republic. However, he was captured by Dooku's forces and placed in stasis. The ship he was traveling in later crashed in an isolated area that would serve as his frozen prison for the next 50 years, thereby removing him from any further involvement with Order 66's outcome.[27]

While Fives had discovered the presence of a control chip within the clone anatomy, the chips were activated before the Jedi could learn the truth, and he[16] did not prevent the mass execution of the Jedi. However, when Order 66 was declared, Captain Rex managed to realize the connection and directed Ahsoka Tano towards Republic archive data logged by Nala Se and a message he had recorded by saying "find Fives." Unable to resist its programming, Rex opened fire, but his former commander was able to decrypt a log from Rex expressing concern about the inhibitor chips Fives had told him about. The log allowed her to realize what had happened, and she later incapacitated Rex and successfully removed his chip.[28][29]

After the end of the war, the remaining members of Clone Force 99, including Echo, defected from the new Galactic Empire, being among the rare clones who were immune to Order 66, due to genetic mutations and, in Echo's case, the cybernetics the Techno Union had implanted.[30] Not long after, the "Bad Batch" met up with Rex, who brought them to Bracca to surgically remove their chips. Rex told Echo about how Fives had attempted to warn him, but admitted that he had not understood the warning at the time. Echo admitted that he found the whole scenario difficult to believe. The surgeries were successful for the four clones, and Rex parted ways with them.[31] Other clones who removed their chips included Wolffe and Gregor.[32]

50 years after his abduction, Kix was finally awakened by Sidon Ithano and his gang. Having no knowledge of the time that had passed, he attempted to continue with his initial mission to bring to light the conspiracy. Soon after he was forced to face the knowledge concerning the grim outcome of the Order's implementation and his failure to affect it in the way he had hoped.[27]

Personality and traits[]

"We are loyal soldiers, we follow orders, but we are not a bunch of unthinking droids! We are men! We must be trusted to make the right decisions, especially when the orders we are given are wrong!"
―Fives, before his "execution"[21]

Fives was both bold and courageous in battle.

Fives began his life as an eager and relatively complacent member of the Grand Army of the Republic. He spent his first 10 or so years on Kamino, receiving military training with the rest of his squad. When Domino Squad was eventually assigned to guard the quiet Rishi Moon outpost, its members were eager to experience the action of the front lines.[3] From the start, Fives demonstrated a strong ability to empathize and care for his fellow clones,[4] as well as the trait of being a survivor.[33] He developed a particularly close bond with Echo,[4] which continued after he was the only other member of his squad to survive the Rishi Moon.[7] Echo's supposed death on Lola Sayu had a profound effect on Fives, whose bond with his fellow brothers strengthened after the fact. Later in the war, he would regard Tup as his best friend.[16]

Fives was also one of only three individuals—himself, Captain Rex, and Echo—who knew about Rex's battle strategy algorithm.[34] Fives's affection and loyalty to his clone brothers would overshadow his commitment to the Republic and the war effort. By the time of the Battle of Umbara, Fives showed no qualms in voicing criticisms and concerns with his superiors regarding the treatment of his brothers.[19] This loyalty to his fellow clones would ultimately lead him to his ill-fated investigation into the origins of a bio-chip implanted in the brains of each and every clones.[16]

Fives made friends and developed close relationships with many of the other members of the 501st, including Captain Rex, Tup, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, and Echo.[16] His brothers were inspired by him to the point that many of them, most notably Jesse and Hardcase, were willing to follow him even if it meant disobeying orders.[18] He also had positive relationships with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano,[8] and Anakin Skywalker, who was visibly saddened by his death. Fives sported a tattoo on his right temple of the Aurebesh number "5" in accordance to his nickname and clone number designation.[16]

Skills and abilities[]

Fives was one of the best soldiers in the 501st.[25]



Fives's armor progression from rookie to custom 501st coloring to Phase I ARC Trooper to Phase II ARC Trooper.

During his time as a cadet, Fives wore green lined standard training armor and used a DC-15 blaster rifle.[3] Upon graduation, he wore standard white trooper armor. Upon entering the 501st Legion, he decorated his armor with blue stripes, a stylized blue and red Rishi eel running down the top of the helmet, and an image of a Z-6 blaster cannon on his shoulder giving homage to his dead squad-mate Hevy. He continued to use a DC-15 blaster rifle while he was in the 501st Legion.[7] When he was promoted to ARC trooper, he kept the blue markings and Rishi eel art on his ARC trooper armor,[8] and began using twin DC-17s like his friend Rex, though he continued use the DC-15A from time to time.[20] Fives's ARC trooper armor used a kama and a double-sided pauldron, which indicated his military rank and specialist status.[35]

Behind the scenes[]


A "live-action" drawing of Fives used for The Vintage Collection.

Fives made his first appearance in "Rookies," the fifth episode of the premiere season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, which aired in 2008. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who voiced all of the clone troopers in the series.[3] He appeared frequently throughout the series, including in the season three episodes "Clone Cadets,"[4] "ARC Troopers,"[7] "The Citadel,"[8] and "Counterattack."[12]

After the series was canceled, Fives appeared in the episodes "The Unknown,"[22] "Conspiracy,"[5] "Fugitive,"[23] and "Orders"[16] in the sixth season, known as The Lost Missions, in 2013. Fives would later be referenced in multiple episodes of seventh and final season of The Clone Wars that was released in 2020.[36][28]

The author Paul S. Kemp confirmed on Twitter that he mistakenly referred to Fives as "Sixes" in the novel Lords of the Sith, an error which was corrected in later copies of the book.[37] When Fives was given a figure for the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection line, the figure's packaging featured an artistic depiction of what Fives would look like in live action if he was played by Temuera Morrison.[38]


Non-canon appearances[]


Notes and references[]

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