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Flame-colored robes were hooded garments made of trevella cloth. They were created by the Naboo and worn by the handmaidens who served Queen Padmé Amidala when she was the monarch of Naboo. The red, orange, and yellow ombré of the robes was symbolic of a Naboo sunrise.


Flame-colored robes[1] were garments made of soft trevella cloth with oversleeves in the Naboo style and a hood worn low over the forehead to help to conceal the wearer's face. Dyed with spectra-fade dye[3] in an ombré, they began with red at the hood and shifted into shades of orange before ending in yellow at the hem.[4] They had a dark orange waistband and fitted red undersleeves that emerged from beneath the oversleeves and were accented with lace.[2]

As with many Naboo garments, they had a symbolic meaning: "Defiance of the Sunrise."[5] The gradient was evocative of a Naboo sunrise and suggested that the Naboo, like their sun, would once again rise.[4]


Padmé Amidala wore flame-colored robes while posing as one of her handmaidens.

The robes were worn by the handmaidens who served Padmé Amidala when she was the monarch of Naboo, along with the queen herself when she had to flee her homeworld during the invasion by the Trade Federation. Amidala wore the robes to pose as one of her own handmaidens while her decoy, Sabé, posed as the Queen.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Flame-colored robes were created for the prequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,[2] which premiered on May 19, 1999.[6] Prior to the film release, the robes first appeared in the novelization,[7] which was written by Terry Brooks and released on April 21, and they were first identified in the junior novelization, written by Patricia C. Wrede and released May 3 of the same year.[1]



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