The flame ibbot was a subspecies of ibbot that lived along the Boiling Sea on the Core Worlds planet Drall. The omnivorous birds were colored copper, brass, or blue-black, and were capable of squirting a jet of scalding water and bile at predators.

Biology and appearance[]

The flame ibbot was one of the most common members of a class[1] of sixty-eight species of birds native to the Core Worlds planet Drall. Like other ibbots, the flame ibbot was specialized to fill a specific niche in Drall's ecosystem.[2] Most flame ibbots had copper or brass-colored feathers with crimson, orange, or white highlights. A small number of the birds had iridescent blue-black feathers with highlights of crimson or copper. Birds with the latter coloration were sought after as pets.[1]

They were omnivorous,[1] unlike other species of ibbot, most of which ate only algae.[2] Flame ibbots also ate algae—specifically a variety known as kettleweed, which they scraped off of the rocks along the Boiling Sea on Drall—but they supplemented the food source with small fish and insects found in the sea. The birds were medium-sized, with a wingspan of approximately two and a half meters and a height of over a meter. They possessed talons and sharp beaks.[1]

The creature's name was derived from the bird's defense mechanism: flame ibbots were able to release a stream of bile and hot water, which collected in their stomachs as kettleweed was digested. The mixture, which could be fired up to twenty meters away, caused discomfort, disorientation, and temporary blindness in the individuals that it affected.[1]


Flame ibbots were mild-tempered and skilled fliers. When they felt threatened, the birds released a stream of hot water and bile at the threat. While the streams were sometimes directed at predators, they could also be directed toward tourists.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The flame ibbot was first mentioned in the 2003 Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds, published by Wizards of the Coast.[2]

Coruscant and the Core Worlds establishes that the flame ibbot's wingspan is four meters wide,[2] while Fantasy Flight Games's sourcebook Suns of Fortune describes it to be roughly two and a half meters. As the latter source is more recent, this article assumes it to be correct.[1]


Notes and references[]