The Flame of Sinthara was a cathedral ship in service to the Republic Navy during the Pius Dea Era. In 10,966 BBY, the Flame of Sinthara participated in the Battle of Uquine against the JediRenunciate alliance. During the battle, the warship was boarded by a group of Jedi who captured Supreme Chancellor Contispex XIX at the ship's bridge.


The Flame of Sinthara was a cathedral ship with a hyperdrive and a bridge.[1]


In 10,966 BBY, the Flame of Sinthara traveled through hyperspace to the planet Uquine with Contispex XIX, the Supreme Chancellor of the Pius Dea–controlled Galactic Republic, on board. The Flame of Sinthara and the Pius Dea warship fleet were looking to destroy the Renunciates, a faction that had abandoned ideals from the Pius Dea religion and were plotting against them with the help of the Jedi Order, the Caamasi people, and the forces of the planet Alsakan.[1]

Unbeknownst to the Pius Dea Republic, the Renunciates had baited them to Uquine. When the cathedral ships arrived at Uquine, they found themselves under attack from the combined forces from the Jedi–Renunciate alliance. During the battle, a team of Jedi boarded the Flame of Sinthara and made their way to the warship's bridge, where they captured Chancellor Contispex XIX. With Contispex's capture, the Pius Dea rule of the Galactic Republic came to an end.[1]

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The Flame of Sinthara was mentioned in the 2012 reference book The Essential Guide to Warfare, written by Paul R. Urquhart and Jason Fry.[1]


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