A flame tygah was a feline-like beast with six paws and an oily hide of variegated scales native to the Strafe Plains of the planet Tython. Its body blazed with such heat that its tail swished white fire, and its teeth and eyes glowed with intensity. An aggressive creature, its main form of combat employed its fiery claws that left simmering footprints and could ignite its targets. A large flame tygah could have paws the size of an adolescent Human's head.

Because soft earth eased the tunneling of burrows, flame tygahs favored the piles of detritus thrown up by erupting sinkholes for their dens. It was from hidden hollows at the top of these mounds that they launched their predatory attacks. Though potentially hostile to travelers, it was also regarded as an elusive creature, and few were the holovids recorded of them. As such, the Je'daii Ranger Lanoree Brock as a child mistook them to be mythological beasts invented by her parents to scare her.

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