Admiral Flanken was an Imperial Officer for the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Admiral Flanken commanded Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer, and a task force responsible for a campaign to eliminate Rebels fleeing from Hoth.


Flanken commanded the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer and was responsible for dealing with the Rebel activity, helped by Mugaari pirates, in the Hoth System.

When Maarek Stele discovered Rebel fugitives on BFF-1 bulk freighter Onece 3 and helped disabled the freighter. Flanken, along with Major Thorbo were responisble for interrogating the prisoners in a hastily rigged room. Flanken introduced the prisoners to an Interrogation droid, which Thorbo was eager to use to extract whatever information they could get from the prisoners, which included a rebel attack on the platform.

Afterwards Flanken was back on his ship's bridge consulting with his advisors. He decided to let the Rebel attack to proceed with minimal resistance, in case it's a feint or they're testing the situation. Once the Rebels commit their full strength he suggested to then hit them with everything they have. His advisors concurred with his assessment.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Do you know what that is, my friend? That unlikely looking droid is called an interrogation droid. It is quite adept at its job. It is impossible to resist, and can cause quite a bit of pain, I am told. It would be a shame to have to use it. This could all be quite pleasant."

Flanken would approach the prisoners with a calm disposition, calling each prisoner "friend" and claimed that he doesn't mean to harm them and that once that they have the information they would return to their comrades, but that last part was a lie. He also would introduce and explain the interrogation droid to state that this can be done pleasantly. However, Thorbo was impatient and eager to use it anyway. When Flanken was at the bridge to discuss the plan to counter the Rebel attack suggesting that they withhold their forces to see what approach the Rebels will muster and once they commit all of their forces he would attack with full force, a tactic that his advisors agreed to proceed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Flanken was created as a minor character in the TIE Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide. He is never mentioned in the game but its assumed that he was commanding the Hammer in the battle which appears in the Battle 1 Combat 2 "Red Alert".



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