Flanx was a male Gozzo and the cousin of Flix. After Floog's retirement, Flanx took over running the flock's fuel refinery on Drahgor III. He looked down on Flix for leaving to become a cantina singer. In the pursuit of meeting the refinery's quotas, Flanx allowed deep-core drilling which had traditionally been banned on Drahgor III for fear of unleashing the Karnex dragons, which he considered mythical, only to learn otherwise when he, Flix and Kazuda Xiono were attacked by several while attempting to repair the drill.[1]

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Flanx first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance episode "From Beneath", where he was voiced by Paul F. Tompkins.[1] Tompkins recorded the role of Flanx back in Summer 2018, around the same time he appeared as the "toy Yoda" salesman in the 100th episode of The Star Wars Show.[2]

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