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The Mobquet Flare-S swoop was based on a hybrid of ideas taken from racing swoops and speeder bikes.


Flare-S swoop schematics.

Attaining speeds of up to 650 km/h, the Mobquet Flare-S swoop measured 3 meters in length, and was heavier than most swoops, due to having a reinforced 'S'-shaped chassis.

It was equipped with forward-mounted steering vanes, longer stabilizer bars for increased handling and maneuverability, and a repulsorlift engine mounted in the center of the bike's frame to provide a decrease in rolling and tumbling. The Flare-S also came with air intakes which force-fed several turbothrusters that were connected to directional nozzles. This allowed it to gain additional speed and maneuverability.


When the Galactic Empire outlawed podracing, those who wanted to engage in high-speed, high-risk sports, quickly turned to swoop racing, and the Flare-S quickly become the most common swoop bike on the race circuit. A "swoop culture" of high-risk, stunt-oriented behaviors existed on many worlds, making the dividing line between amateur swoop racer and criminally minded gang member fuzzy.

The Flare-S was also popular amongst swoop gangs, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, like the ones encountered by Jaden Korr during his Mission to Zonju V.[6] Dash Rendar was known to use these swoops on many occasions throughout his career.

The criminal swoop gang leader Sunny Bounder of the Black Seraphs owned a heavily modified Flare-S, which had been pushed to the limits of engineering and was both extremely fast and nimble.[7]



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