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Stealth ship flares

A stealth ship launching countermeasure flares

A flare was a pyrotechnic device that either functioned as a warhead countermeasure on a starship, or as a signal flare to transmit a priority message if communications were not functioning.


The Republic signals their victory in the Battle of Alderaan

Countermeasure flares were anti-warhead defense mechanisms used by small spacecraft. They consisted of a supply of small, inexpensive low-yield warheads whose targeting systems were designed to home in on incoming warheads and detonate them before they posed a threat to the ship itself. If no incoming warheads were detected, the flare would instead home in on the nearest enemy starfighter, though not powerful enough to cause significant damage, it was useful as brief distraction. While less accurate, and therefore less reliable, than the chaff type, the flare was more versatile.

Signal flares were used to quickly display a visual signal over a long distance when trying to either maintain communications silence, or if communications were down. These were usually color-coded and sometimes emitted certain sounds to correspond to whatever situation the priority message was pertaining to. For example, during the Clone Wars, when Commander Cody and Captain Rex arrived for an inspection, clone trooper Fives shot a red flare that alerted them of Separatist droid commando's presence in Rishi Station.

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