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"Artoo? What happened? I can't see!"
―Luke Skywalker, taken the effects of a flash grenade[3]

A flash grenade, also known as a flash bomb was a type of non-lethal grenade which, when activated, created a bright energy flash and loud noise to disorient opponents.[2] It also gave a mild impact although it was not as destructive as thermal detonators, and was capable of disabling droids for a short period of time.[3] One variant of the grenade could split into several fragments and individually explode.[4]

In 14 BBY,[5] the Jedi Knight Cal Kestis infiltrated the Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur in an attempt to retrieve a holocron that contained a list of Force-sensitive children. During the mission, Kestis was confronted by the Inquisitor known as the Second Sister who attempted to use flash grenades to disorientate her opponent during their duel.[6]

When Luke Skywalker went on a mission to Ben Kenobi's home with R2-D2, Boba Fett ambushed them with a flash grenade in an attempt to capture the boy.[3]

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