Flash training, also called flash learning or flash instruction, was the technique of using holographic flashes to instruct young clones during their growth period. The process enabled a clone to accumulate knowledge, skills, and competencies at an accelerated rate.


During the development stage of the Grand Army of the Republic, the newly created clone troopers were first educated in weapons handling and tactics before moving on to simulations, drills, and live-fire exercises.[1] A special detachment of elite clones was also given flash instruction during the initial stage of their basic training.[2] In the late period of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic Military deployed millions of additional clone troopers, fully grown in a year by Arkanian Microtechnologies on Centax-2 with the use of Spaarti technology. Due to the new clones' extremely fast growth cycle, flash training composed the whole of their basic training. In combat, the Arkanian clones displayed poor marksmanship and a lack of strategy,[3] effectively making them subpar soldiers in comparison to their Kaminoan-bred counterparts.[1]

Memory flashes, a variant of flash training, were used for imparting the knowledge and experience of a prime clone into a clone subject. A side effect of the memory imprints, however, was that they could destabilize a clone's mental health. By obtaining the memories of another person's life, the clone could fall into an identity crisis, making the clone unable to distinguish its own experiences from the progenitor's memories. Ultimately, the confusion could drive the clone into a state of insanity.[4]

The remnants of the old Galactic Empire also utilized flash training for their clone stormtroopers, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone army.[5]



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