"The Empire wouldn't hit a Tagge family ship… one brother's an Imperial Fleet Commander!'"
―Han Solo[src]

Pivotal to any space campaign, Fleet Commanders were the battle coordinators for all space units under their command during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War.

Culled from the best recruits in the galaxy, fleet commanders were trained at one of the Imperial military academies located throughout the Core Worlds. Or in the Rebellion's case, they were trained at one of the Imperial academies and later defected or came from elsewhere and were promoted.

They usually had their own flagship, which was typically the most powerful warship in the fleets which they were part of. Fleet Commanders were often targets of assassins and bounty hunters hired by the enemy.

In the Rebel assault on Kamino, Touler served as the Imperial fleet commander. During the Battle of Endor, Gherant served aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor as the Fleet Commander of the massive Imperial armada assigned to protect the second Death Star.[1]

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In the game Star Wars: Empire at War, Fleet Commanders increase the health and sight range of all nearby friendly ships and were also capable of detecting stealth units. This could be explained as the presence of the commander increasing morale.

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