Fleet technicians were a type of technician who operated and maintained the Xyston-class Star Destroyers of the Final Order. They were fanatically loyal to the Sith Eternal and the dark lord they served, Darth Sidious.


The technicians of the Sith fleet were raised on Exegol by the cultists of the Sith Eternal, and so revered the dark side of the Force and upheld the ideology of the Sith with true fanaticism.[1]

The Sith technicians wore black flame-resistant uniforms with flared trousers, allowing the storage of various tools. The uniforms were designed to be sealed, keeping the technician safe from a majority of the toxic environments found in ships.[1]

The uniform came with a red bicep-mounted comlink and a black utility belt. The belt was equipped with a radiation tracker and anti-rad inoculation kit.[1]

The helmet worn by the technicians was based off of the helmets used by the Galactic Empire's navy troopers and weapons technicians. It was red with a black visor and had a particle-scattering corrugated surface. The helmet had air-filtration systems and could block dangerous electromagnetic radiation. System data was sent wirelessly to the helmet's receivers and projected on the interior of the visor.[1]


Fleet technicians were tasked with smoothly operating the Xyston-class Star Destroyers of the Sith fleet. Mandates could vary from tending to the radioactive superlaser, to operating on the bridge of the Destroyer, the latter of which was considered to be a much more favorable position to be assigned to.[1]



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