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Flesh Raiders were a species of mutated soldiers who originally served the Infinite Empire. Originally lower-caste members of the Rakata species, they were mutated and bred by the Infinite Empire by the thousands as soldiers. By the time of the Cold War, some Flesh Raiders survived on the planet Tython.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Originally mutated lower-caste members of the Rakata species, the Flesh Raiders were extremely primitive and violent. Bulky bipedal humanoids, Flesh Raiders had razor-sharp teeth, which they used to strip the bones of both sentient and non-sentient prey. Eight small olfactory slits lined their upper lip and two stumpy eye stalks protruded from the sides of their box-shaped heads.[1]

The origin of the Flesh Raiders is lost to history and they did not appear to keep records. From what little study of the creatures the Jedi Order was able to perform, the Flesh Raiders appeared to have evolved from a more civilized society that devolved into their primitive and cannibalistic forms after the other colonists of Tython disappeared. Another theory is that the aforementioned society was attacked by the Sith and subjected to bizarre experiments which reduced them to maddened hostiles. It was also of some note that a few members of the Raiders were observed as possessing force sensitivity, a feat bereft of their ancestors, the Rakata.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

"Flesh Raiders are a species of hostile natives. They're smart enough to use tools and violent beyond reason."
Derrin Weller[src]
Flesh Raiders camp JMGD

A Flesh Raiders camp

Having no established cities or formal government, the Flesh Raiders were tribal and erected temporary shelters on the Tythos Ridge. Flesh Raiders practiced a form of spiritual worship, as shamans were seen inside their small settlements. Preferring naked earth, the Flesh Raiders would scour the land they chose to occupy, burning away grass and trees and littering the earth with the bones of their prey. The raiders used signal fires to communicate over great distances and, while few in number, posed a recognized threat to the Jedi Order.[1]



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