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Flesh Raiders were a sub-species of the Rakata, rulers of the Infinite Empire. Mass-mutated and bred as lower-caste soldiers in servitude to the Empire, some members of this species were abandoned on the planet Tython long before the time of the Cold War between the resurgent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, allowing the Flesh Raiders' survival past the collapse of the Rakatan Empire.

Biology and appearance[]

Originally mutated lower-caste members of the Rakata species, the semi-sentient Flesh Raiders were extremely primitive and violent. Bulky bipedal humanoids, Flesh Raiders had razor-sharp teeth, which they used to strip the bones of both sentient and non-sentient prey. Eight small olfactory slits lined their upper lip and two stumpy eye stalks protruded from the sides of their box-shaped heads.[2]

From what little study of the creatures the Jedi Order was able to perform, the Flesh Raiders of Tython appeared to have devolved into their primitive and cannibalistic forms after the other colonists of the planet disappeared. Another theory was that the aforementioned society was attacked by the Sith and subjected to bizarre experiments which reduced them to maddened hostiles.

It was also of some note that a few members of the Raiders species were observed as possessing sentient minds and Force-sensitivity.[2]

Society and culture[]

"Flesh Raiders are a species of hostile natives. They're smart enough to use tools and violent beyond reason."
Derrin Weller[3]
Flesh Raiders camp JMGD

A Flesh Raiders camp

Having no established cities or formal government, the Tythan Flesh Raiders were tribal and erected crude shelters on Tythos Ridge. There, they practiced a form of spiritual worship, as shamans lurked throughout inside their small settlements, and idols made of rock were placed around their lairs. They also used signal fires to communicate over great distances and, preferring naked earth, the Flesh Raiders would scour the land they chose to occupy, burning away grass and trees and littering the earth with the bones of their prey. The Tythans were also scavengers, who would make use of almost any material found for clothing or armoring themselves.[2]


Abandoned by the Infinite Empire following the Force Wars on Tython, the Flesh Raiders' origins was otherwise lost to history, and the species themselves did not appear to keep any such records. Members of the Jedi Order around the time of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire speculated that the modern Tythan Raider was formed from a once civilized society that fell as other colonists of Tython disappeared, or that they were the result of individuals who fell victim to the onslaught of the Sith, and were subjected to their arcane alchemy which reduced them to their adverse state.[2]

Tythos Ridge was eventually conquered by Flesh Raiders as the Jedi Order relocated to Tython after the Great Galactic War. Under the barbaric Raiders, its ground was rendered an inhospitable ruin, filled with bones across the few paths that carved across the landscape. Thus dashed the plans were for a Jedi meditative retreat to be constructed there, as proposed by Jedi Master Shol Bestros.[2] By 3643 BBY,[4] the Raiders, now displaying greater cunning and proficient in arms such as the vibroblade, had built settlements at the Ridge and posed a deadly threat to outsiders as they occupied the path between the ruins of Kaleth to the west,[5] frequented by Jedi from their new Temple, to the northwest,[5] and the Twi'lek Kalikori village to the north.[5][2]

While few in number, the Raiders posed a recognized threat to the Jedi presence on Tython during the Cold War. It was then that a member of the Flesh Raider species, Fashk, surfaced to the attention of the Jedi, who discovered the male's Force-sensitivity, as well as a likewise unprecedented case of sentience within a Flesh Raider individual.[2]

Behind the scenes[]


One of many concept arts for the Flesh Raider of Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Flesh Raider was created for the 2011 massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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