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"Every so-called Jedi on Tython is going to die. That's a promise. Your entire order is weak. You've done nothing to stop the Sith Empire's advances."
―Bengel Morr[src]

Near the end of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, the native Flesh Raiders of the planet Tython began to wage war against the Jedi Order and the Pilgrims of Kalikori Village. Under the command of the Nautolan Dark Jedi Bengel Morr, the Flesh Raiders became more bold in their attacks against the Jedi, who had returned to their Order's ancestral homeworld in the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant and the end of the Great Galactic War. Morr, who had been driven insane by the devastation during the fall of the Jedi Temple, blamed the Jedi Order for the defeat and turned to the dark side, taking on the Human Callef as his apprentice and plotting the destruction of the Order.

In 3643 BBY, Morr set his plans in motion by sending Callef and a Flesh Raider invasion force against the Jedi outpost in the Tythonian Gnarls region. However, Callef was defeated and killed by a young Jedi initiate, who was then taken on as an apprentice by the Human Jedi Master Orgus Din, Morr's former teacher. Together with Din and the astromech droid T7-O1, the apprentice learned of Morr's survival and vendetta against the Order during the course of several missions for both the Jedi and the Twi'lek settlers of Kalikori. Upon discovering that Morr had organized the natives into an army and was training some of them as Force Adepts, the Jedi moved to eliminate the Flesh Raider command base and several other camps in an attempt to put a stop to Morr's planned assault on the Order.

However, Din and his apprentice were betrayed by the villagers when Morr made a deal with the Twi'leks, trading protection from the Flesh Raiders in exchange for the life of his former Master and Din's new Padawan. While Morr took his unconscious mentor to the ancient machine known as the Forge, the villagers attempted to kill Din's apprentice and T7-O1 as part of an altered deal, but the Padawan managed to escape without bloodshed and pursued Morr through the Tythan wilderness. Fighting through the Flesh Raider army occupying the ruins of an ancient city, the Padawan and T7-O1 found Morr waiting before the Forge. In a fierce duel, the young apprentice defeated the deranged Morr and rescued Din from his former student. For the Padawan's bravery and actions, Din ordered his apprentice to construct a lightsaber and return to the Jedi Temple, where Morr was healed of his insanity and the apprentice elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight. Along with T7-O1, the Knight's first assignment soon spiraled into war as the Sith Lord Darth Angral launched a campaign against the Republic, and the young Jedi played a pivotal role in the conflict by ultimately defeating the Sith in a battle above Tython.


"The temple was annihilated. Hundreds of Jedi died that day. We never recovered all the bodies. Bengel was strong in the Force, and the most gentle being I've ever known. For him to turn against the Jedi… he has to be stopped."
―Orgus Din, on the Sacking of Coruscant and Bengel Morr[src]

The origins of the Flesh Raiders' uprising could be traced back to the Great Galactic War, a lengthy conflict between the resurgent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The war's end occurred in 3653 BBY, when the Empire used sham peace negotiations on the Core World of Alderaan to stage an attack on the Republic capital of Coruscant, a battle that would become known as the Sacking of Coruscant. In order to force the Republic to submit and to bring an end to the conflict between the two galactic powers, the Empire held the planet captive while the Treaty of Coruscant was signed on Alderaan.[9] As the first part of the Sith assault, a strike team decimated the Jedi Temple, killing the building's defenders and finally destroying it with explosives.[10]

Bengel Morr

Bengel Morr, the Nautolan apprentice of the Human Jedi Master Orgus Din, was present in the Temple during the assault, but he fled into the ruins of the structure when the Sith collapsed the Jedi Order's headquarters. His gentle personality shattered, the Nautolan retreated into the depths of the city-planet and was assumed dead by his comrades when his body was not recovered. Morr blamed the Jedi Order for the destruction of the Temple, believing that their weakness had allowed the Sith to win the war. He decided that for the Sith to be defeated, the Order had to be destroyed and rebuilt from its ashes. Turning to the dark side and becoming a Dark Jedi, Morr spent the next decade plotting the destruction of the Order.[8] During this time, he recruited the Force-sensitive Human Callef as his apprentice, training the young man in the ways of the dark side.[3]

Resettling on Tython[]

"There's a group of Pilgrims on Tython. They've been fighting the Flesh Raiders for months. The Republic wanted us to deny those Twi'leks aid—they settled here illegally—but frankly, we need them."
―Orgus Din[src]

After the signing of the Treaty, the devastation of Coruscant and the Empire's victory turned public opinion against the Jedi, and the Galactic Senate—looking for someone to blame for the disaster—decided to delay the reconstruction of the Jedi Temple indefinitely. Realizing that the capital was no longer the best place for its headquarters, the Order relocated to its ancestral homeworld of Tython,[9] which had been discovered only a year earlier by a Jedi Knight named Satele Shan. There, they established a new Jedi Temple and began to explore the ancient ruins left by their precursors,[11] the Je'daii Order.[12] Construction on the new Temple began about three years after the fall of the Temple on Coruscant, just over a year since the Order had rediscovered Tython and established a permanent settlement on the planet, and it took almost three years to complete.[11]

Throughout the next decade or so, the Jedi recovered from the devastating losses that they incurred during the war and slowly rebuilt their ranks. Not long after the Order arrived on the planet, a group of Pilgrims petitioned the Senate for permission to settle on Tython, as they had fled religious persecution on their homeworld of Ryloth. However, as Tython was still largely unexplored, the Senate refused their request. In direct defiance of the decree, the Pilgrims established a small settlement in a valley above the Jedi Temple, just on the edge of the Tythos Ridge mountain range. That camp grew into the settlement of Kalikori Village, with a villager named Sumari in the role of Matriarch by the time of the war with the Flesh Raiders.[1]

Kalikori Village suffered greatly from Flesh Raider attacks during the Cold War.

By 3643 BBY,[5] Callef and Morr followed the Order to Tython. There, hiding from the Order in the widely unexplored regions of the planet, the two Dark Jedi began to marshal the Flesh Raiders, Tython's native sentient species, into an army.[3] Finding some of the violent species to be Force-sensitive, Morr trained them to be Force Adepts[7] and eventually commanded a significant fighting force[8] under the leadership of the Flesh Raiders' Grand Chieftain Keshk.[6] Before Morr's arrival, the natives had been largely unorganized, but they had launched periodic raids upon both the Jedi and Kalikori Village throughout the last decade with varying amounts of success.[1]

The Force-wielding Jedi Order easily repelled the natives' attacks, losing only young and inexperienced Jedi to groups of Flesh Raiders,[3] but the Twi'lek villagers fared far worse. Largely unprepared for the attacks and outmatched by the natives' ferocity, Kalikori suffered heavy losses throughout their time on the planet, and the Jedi Order's adherence to the Senate's request to refuse them aid fostered intense resentment of the Jedi in the people of Kalikori. Matters only worsened for the villagers when the Flesh Raiders became more organized under Morr's leadership, and the natives began to attack more frequently and in greater numbers.[1]

Early encounters[]

"Flesh Raider attacks are up. Three in the past day. Just last night they dragged a dozen Pilgrims into the darkness."
―Master Meeb Wix[src]

One of the Flesh Raider attacks killed a village patrol, including a Twi'lek named Poronth Ghon, and Poronth's son Tazonthe enlisted the aid of a Jedi to find his father. The Jedi discovered the elder Ghon's remains and returned his datapad to Tazonthe, but the man was furious that the Jedi refused to slaughter the Flesh Raiders in revenge.[13] The villager Bahlea was aided by a member of the Order when a Jedi retrieved manka cat teeth for a medical remedy, completing her fallen husband's mission and saving her daughter Rusa. Vederiat Ayon, one of the village's healers, learned from a injured village warrior that the Flesh Raiders were experimenting with elixirs and had succeeding in creating one that drove the natives into a primal fury. She asked a visiting Jedi to destroy the elixir, and sent the Jedi to the guard captain Odumis Mer in order to learn the location of the elixir vats. Mer asked the Jedi to bring the elixir back so that the villagers could use it, but they refused and traveled into the Tythos Ridge to destroy the elixir before informing Ayon of Mer's request. The healer realized that the Captain's mind had been addled by encounters with the natives, so she relieved him of duty so that he could be healed[14] and appointed Bashenn in his place.[2]

Fashk was allowed to join the Jedi Order, despite his species' violent tendencies.

The Jedi Order's encounters with the natives often had more success than those of the Twi'leks, such as the repeated attempts to destroy the Jedi outpost in the Tythonian Gnarls region.[15] A group of Padawans—Avitla, Mennaus, and Jerridan—were ambushed by Flesh Raiders in the Gnarls, injuring Jerridan and worrying Master Relnex when they did not return. The Padawans were rescued by another Jedi,[16] though Flesh Raiders continued to stage attacks and kidnap inexperienced apprentices, imprisoning them in cages throughout the Gnarls.[17] Another Jedi discovered a Flesh Raider infant in the mountains near the Temple, and delivered the child to Master Quilb, who often took in orphaned animals.[18]

Through the efforts of various members of the Order, the Jedi gained insight into the natives' culture[19] and even recruited the Flesh Raider Fashk into the Order itself.[20] Masters Kalisa Gehnso and Meeb Wix enlisted the aid of another Jedi to investigate the Flesh Raiders' religious idols—the Bone Idol, Flesh Idol, and Salvage Idol—in an attempt to learn what inspired the natives' aggressive behavior,[19] and the Twi'lek villager Trea Kobbeth asked a Jedi to rescue her son Viyo from the Tythos Ridge. The Jedi discovered that Viyo had been captured by Fashk to serve as a translator, and that the Force-sensitive Flesh Raider wished to be trained as a Jedi. Fashk's surprising request was approved by Master Strayen, the Master in charge of administrating the new recruits on Tython, and Viyo was released by the Flesh Raider before Fashk traveled to the Jedi Temple to be trained. Strayen hoped to temper Fashk's violent nature and show him the ways of the light side, since without Jedi training the Flesh Raider would likely succumb to the dark side.[20]

Tensions rise[]

During the months leading up to Morr's assault, a minor conflict broke out over the mystical Fount of Rajivari, a lost repository of knowledge left by the ancient Jedi. One of the Twi'lek villagers, a Force-sensitive named Nalen Raloch, was seduced to the dark side by the teachings of Rajivari, one of the first fallen Jedi who had played a major role in the Force Wars of ancient times. Furious that the Order refused to help his people against the Flesh Raiders,[2] Raloch uncovered the Fount—which was in fact Rajivari's own Force ghost[21]—and, with his new powers, attempted to destroy the ancient machine known as the Forge. The Forge was a device built by the Je'daii to construct lightsabers, and the Jedi Order had continued to send their Padawans there upon as part of the Jedi Trials upon their return to Tython.[22] Raloch was stopped, however, by the apprentice of Jedi Master Yuon Par in a duel, and was successfully cured of his insanity. Raloch would be trained as a Jedi by the Order in an attempt to improve relations with Kalikori,[23] but the village still harbored intense resentment because of the Order's continued refusal of aid.[1]

The uprising[]

A dark encounter[]

«He commands the Flesh Raiders attacking us.»
"Not attacking—cleansing. And we have only begun."
―Unaw Aharo and Callef[src]

The encounter with Callef revealed that there was more to the invasion than the Jedi thought.

In 3643 BBY,[5] the Flesh Raiders captured T7-O1, one of twenty reconnaissance droids sent out by the Jedi Order, and placed the droid with a restraining bolt in the Upper Hollows cave system in the Tythos Ridge. Around this time, Bengel Morr decided to put his plans in action—meeting with Callef in the Upper Hollows, he ordered his apprentice to take a detachment of Flesh Raiders and invade the Gnarls through a recently discovered cave connecting the region to the Tythos Ridge. T7-O1 witnessed the meeting and secretly made a recording of it, as the Flesh Raiders did not know that the droid was still active.[1]

By that point, Morr's army had established a great number of small camps across much of Tython,[24] and he had begun to send Force-sensitive Flesh Raiders to study the Force from holocrons amidst the ancient ruins that dotted the planet.[7] The natives' main command base was located high in the Tythos Ridge, protected by a shield generator on a nearby mountain, and from there Morr's subordinates coordinated the Flesh Raider army.[8] One of the smaller bases was located in the cave network known as the Forsaken Den, in the cliffs near the ruins of Kaleth, and Flesh Raiders had been learning from a holocron at a nearby shrine.[7] An ancient temple-city of the Jedi's predecessors, the Je'daii Order,[12] Kaleth had been the site of several battles during the devastating Force Wars, and the Jedi Order had been cautiously investigating the outer ruins since their return[25]—making it a perfect place for Flesh Raiders to pass relatively unnoticed.[7]

Just as Callef led his forces through the tunnel and into the Gnarls, a young Jedi initiate arrived on Tython to take the Jedi Trials. The apprentice departed aboard a shuttle arriving at the Masters' Retreat, a meditation enclave north of the Jedi Temple, and met with Jedi Master Derrin Weller. Weller planned to send the young Jedi to the Temple to meet with the Masters, but at that moment Callef's forces reached the Gnarls Outpost and began to attack the Jedi there. A Bith apprentice by the name of Unaw Aharo witnessed the Flesh Raiders coming through the cave, but by the time he contacted Weller via holocomm, the Flesh Raiders were already at the Jedi outpost.[3]

Alarmed, Weller immediately ordered the Knights present at the Masters' Retreat across the lake separating the structure from the Gnarls, where they mounted a defense of the Gnarls Outpost against the natives. As the base was relatively undermanned, Weller sent the newly arrived apprentice into the Gnarls, since the learner was remarkably skilled in combat. During the course of the fight, Weller was injured, and he contacted the apprentice before taking a shuttle back to the Temple medcenter. Weller needed the apprentice, who was already deep in the Gnarls, to seal off the cave through which the Flesh Raiders were coming, since the other Jedi in the area were all needed to defend the outpost.[3]

Orgus Din seals the tunnel to the Gnarls.

A group of Flesh Raiders had discovered Aharo not long after the Bith had contacted Weller, and the natives injured the apprentice before capturing him and taking him into the caves to Callef. The Dark Jedi began to interrogate Aharo, while the other apprentice located the cave and fought a path through the Flesh Raiders within. The initiate arrived just as Callef was preparing to execute his prisoner, and the young Jedi's attempt to stop Callef sparked a duel between the two. Despite the Dark Jedi's experience and use of a lightsaber, Callef was defeated and killed in the fight.[3]

On his way to the Jedi Temple, Weller had called ahead and informed the other Masters of the battle in the Gnarls, and Orgus Din was dispatched to aid the apprentice in sealing the cave. Din arrived just as the initiate struck down Callef, and he was relieved to learn that both the apprentice and Aharo were still alive. Astonished that Callef had wielded a lightsaber—one that was strangely familiar to him—Din sealed off the cavern by collapsing the tunnel with the Force. While Din escorted the wounded Aharo back to a medcenter, Din ordered the other apprentice to travel to the Jedi Temple.[3]

Early missions[]

"My scouts have tracked the Flesh Raiders for months. Watched them grow in strength. I will share what we've discovered, but only if you agree to protect my people. We… we suffer…"
―Matriarch Sumari[src]

At the Temple, Din surprised the rest of the Jedi Council by taking on the young apprentice as a Padawan—his first since Bengel Morr's disappearance a decade earlier. Believing that the Force had brought the two together, Din assigned his new student a first mission: establish contact with the Pilgrims in Kalikori Village and learn what they knew about the Flesh Raider attacks. However, Matriarch Sumari was displeased that the Jedi were only reaching out when their own safety was threatened, and only agreed to share her information if the apprentice would help protect the village. As she had recently fallen ill, Sumari was forced to retire early, but the Padawan continued to speak with Sumari's daughter Ranna Tao'Ven and the village's Scout Chief Moorint. In return for information on the Flesh Raiders' activities, the two Twi'leks asked the young Jedi to steal a weapons cache from a group of Flesh Raiders nearby.[1]

Venturing into the mountains of the Tythos Ridge, the apprentice fought through the Flesh Raider–infested region and entered the camp in the Upper Hollows cave system. After defeating one of the natives' Warmasters, the Padawan used the Flesh Raider's key to access the cache and recover the weapons. During the apprentice's raid, a group of Flesh Raiders made an attack on Kalikori, killing several villagers before they were driven back. However, there were more than just weapons and supplies in the chamber—the cache was the same one that the astromech T7-O1 was being held in, and the droid immediately recognized the young apprentice as a Jedi. Upon the removal of the bolt, T7-O1 showed the Padawan his recording of Morr giving orders to Callef, though the apprentice only recognized Callef and not the hooded figure he called "Master."[1]

Returning to Kalikori with the weapons and T7-O1, the young Jedi delivered the blasters and supplies to the villagers and learned of the Flesh Raider attack when a villager named Saylew angrily confronted Tao'ven and Moorint. The pair met with Din, who had arrived minutes earlier, and showed him the recording.[1] Din recognized the voice as that of Morr,[8] although he did not tell his student, and ordered the apprentice to speak with Moorint while he viewed the recording again. Fulfilling the deal, Moorint and Tao'Ven shared their information: the Flesh Raiders had been gathering in strength for several months, and several of the natives had recently been spotted near the ruins of Kaleth.[1]

While Din returned to the Temple to discuss the recording with the other Masters, the apprentice traveled to the ruins of Kaleth and explored the ancient shrine where the Flesh Raiders had been sighted. It was not long before Moorint's reports were confirmed—the Flesh Raiders were in fact using the shrine as a base, while some of the natives studied from a holocron[7] given to them by Morr.[8] The Padawan was alarmed to learn that some of the Flesh Raiders were Force-sensitive, and after defeating the group's leader, recovered a holocron from their corpses. Showing the holocron to Master Bela Kiwiiks and her Padawan Kira Carsen, who had been sent as reinforcements just before they departed for Coruscant, the apprentice was instructed to set up security devices in the area to track activity.[7]

War in earnest[]

"Why spread our forces thin to hit all the camps at once?"
"If we only go after a few, the Flesh Raiders could warn the rest and regroup."
―The Padawan and Orgus Din[src]

The Tythos Ridge had a heavy Flesh Raider presence during the uprising.

During the apprentice's mission, Sumari succumbed to her illness, leaving her daughter Tao'Ven as the new Matriarch. Upon returning to Kalikori Village, the apprentice met with Din and Tao'Ven in the Matriarch's compound, and Din decided to reveal what he had been holding back earlier: the identity of the hooded figure from the recording. Explaining Morr's background, Din urged his apprentice not to engage him if encountered on the next mission—the Dark Jedi was likely extremely dangerous. Tao'Ven and Moorint then shared that scouts had located the natives' command base in the nearby mountains, but it was protected by a deflector shield. While Din and the other Masters prepared to raid the camp, Din's apprentice attacked the mountain where the shield generator was set up.[8]

Storming the mountain cavern, the Padawan fought through the Flesh Raiders guarding the generator and successfully deactivated it. At the same time, a group of Flesh Raiders attacked Kalikori, breaking through the village's defenses and planting toxin mines in the settlement's agricultural fields as part of a scorched-earth tactic. Once the shield was down, however, Morr contacted the Padawan via hologram and expressed his displeasure, swearing to destroy the Jedi Order and warning the apprentice that the Jedi's efforts were futile. Worried about Morr's threats, the Padawan returned to Kalikori to alert the Masters, but the apprentice found the village in a state of war. The villagers were unable to eliminate the Flesh Raider saboteurs in their fields, but the Padawan successfully braved the toxic gas and defeated the natives before too much damage could be done. By risking one's life and successfully disabling the mines, the Jedi trainee earned the personal loyalty of Tao'Ven,[8] something that would have powerful repercussions in later events.[24]

The Padawan successfully destroyed the base in the Forsaken Den, despite the native resistance.

Not long after the Masters departed for their raid, a Selkath Jedi Knight named Laotah detected Flesh Raider activity near Kaleth[24] on the scanners that had been set up by the apprentice,[7] and he chose to investigate on his own. However, Laotah was unprepared to combat the Force-sensitive natives within the Forsaken Den, and he was quickly overpowered and fatally wounded. As Laotah crawled back to the cave's entrance, one of the Flesh Raiders stole the injured Jedi's lightsaber and took it as his own.[24]

During their raid on the Flesh Raider command base, the Masters discovered the locations of the other Flesh Raider camps across the planet, and upon their return they began to organize the Knights at the Temple to eliminate the encampments. Din returned to Kalikori to send his apprentice on another mission, as the Council was allowing Din's student to destroy one of the camps alone on account of the Padawan's experience and skill. As the Flesh Raider force that the apprentice had fought earlier had been based at the Forsaken Den near Kaleth, Din decided to send his student to destroy that base.[24]

While Din himself struck at a camp in the nearby mountains, the Padawan fought through a number of ancient war droids—machines left over from the Force Wars that still guarded the ruins of Kaleth and attacked any who ventured into the city—and entered the Forsaken Den to find the mortally injured Laotah. Learning what had happened to the Selkath and promising to recover Laotah's lightsaber, the Padawan stayed with the other Jedi until his death and then raided the compound within, defeating the Force-wielding natives and fighting the blade-wielding Flesh Raider to the death.[24]


"You're stronger than any Jedi I've known. You could redeem the order and destroy the Sith. I understand. You are the weapon I came to forge."
―Bengel Morr, after his defeat[src]

While the Jedi struck at Flesh Raider camps across the planet, Morr had a new goal: capturing his former Master. To that end, he took advantage of the Order's preoccupation with his Flesh Raider army and approached Kalikori mere minutes after Din and his student departed. The Dark Jedi met with Moorint and several other villagers, purposely excluding Matriarch Tao'Ven, and offered them a deal: give up Din, and their village would be spared from any further attack by Flesh Raiders. Seeing a way to save themselves and to get even with the Jedi for refusing them aid, the settlers agreed and informed Tao'Ven. While she did not like the plan, she went along with it on one condition: the life of Din's apprentice would be spared. Morr agreed, and the villagers broadcast a fake distress call from the village.[24]

When the apprentice contacted Din to report success, the Jedi Master ordered his apprentice to respond to the distress call and rendezvous with him at the village. Din and his apprentice were the only ones close enough to reach the village in time, as the rest of the Jedi were scattered across the planet, and the two raced back to the settlement. Yet when Din arrived at the village first, the Nautolan's Flesh Raider bodyguards knocked the Jedi Master unconscious. Departing Kalikori, Morr briefly mentioned to Tao'Ven that his destination was somewhere called "the Forge."[24]

Not long after Morr left, the Padawan arrived and immediately questioned Tao'Ven as to the reason for the distress signal. Tao'Ven lied, saying that she didn't know anything about a signal, and that she had not seen the apprentice's Master. T7-O1, who had returned to the village after a brief scouting mission, could not detect Din in the village. However, at that moment Morr was contacting the villagers and changing his deal: he would only protect the village if they killed Morr's apprentice. Worried about their safety, several villagers rushed into the Matriarch's building just as the Padawan turned to question the Matriarch further, and they knocked out the Jedi from behind before hitting T7-O1 with an ion blast.[24]

After delivering the message to the villagers, Morr and his Flesh Raider servants continued their journey through the Flesh Raider–controlled Tythos Ridge[24] toward the ruins of an ancient city. The ruins was under the control of the Flesh Raider army, led by Grand Chieftain Keshk, and Morr ordered his subordinate to mobilize his forces in the ruins in preparation for their assault on the Jedi Order.[6]

Morr believed his former master was weak for submitting to the Treaty of Coruscant.

When several of the villagers—Moorint, Eseni, and Saylew—attempted to kill the unconscious apprentice, Tao'Ven intervened and begged them to stop. The Padawan awoke quickly and learned the truth of the villagers' betrayal, but before the situation could escalate into bloodshed the Jedi persuaded the villagers to leave in peace. Begging for forgiveness, the Matriarch told the apprentice that Morr was heading to the Forge, and allowed the Padawan to leave with T7-O1.[24] The duo immediately contacted A-4P0, one of the droids at the Temple Archives, and ordered the protocol droid to send all of the information on the Forge to T7-O1.[6]

Complying with the request, A-4P0 warned that all of the Jedi Masters were still occupied fighting the Flesh Raiders, and those Jedi thus would be unable to assist them. Using a different path to reach the Forge than Morr, the pair raced along the Elarian Trail and used a tunnel behind the Tythos River's waterfall to reach the ruins of the ancient city. Some of Morr's Flesh Raider soldiers had learned to reprogram the ancient war droids that littered the area, and the droids were incorporated into their army. Despite the heavy presence of Flesh Raiders and war droids in their path, T7-O1 and the Padawan successfully fought their way through the ruins and reached the caverns beyond.[6]

Emerging in the canyon where the Forge stood, the Padawan and T7-O1 fought through over a dozen of Morr's Flesh Raider Force Adepts and crossed the rocky bridge to the ancient machine. There, before the Forge, the pair faced Morr and his two bodyguards next to the unconscious body of Din. Drawing his yellow lightsaber, Morr attacked the young Jedi and T7-O1 with his bodyguards. With the aid of T7-O1, the Padawan successfully defeated the Flesh Raiders and began to duel the Dark Jedi.[6]

Despite his advantages of a lightsaber and greater experience, Morr—like his apprentice Callef before him—was unable to defeat the Jedi and lost the duel, his weapon knocked aside. Believing that the Force had guided him to his own defeat for a reason, Morr offered to share his knowledge of the dark side and prepare the galaxy for the apprentice's coming. Understanding now that the young Jedi before him was the weapon he had come to forge, the Nautolan expressed his belief that the Padawan was strong enough to destroy the Sith.[6]

The younger apprentice refused, however, and punched Morr in the gut when the latter reached for his blade. A second strike to the back of Morr's neck sent him to the ground unconscious, and Din's apprentice turned to wake his Master. Praising his student on the successful battle and the decision to spare Morr's life, Din gave his apprentice the components necessary to build a lightsaber and instructed the Jedi to use the Forge to craft the weapon. While Din took his former student back to the Temple, the Padawan ascended the steps and built a blue-bladed lightsaber, which unintentionally woke a sleeping jurgoran in the caves below.[6] The enraged creature blocked the path back to the Temple, forcing the young Jedi to kill the jurgoran to safely depart from the Forge.[26]


"You arrived on Tython a Padawan, but you leave a Knight of the Republic. May the Force be with you."
―Grand Master Satele Shan[src]

The conflict on Tython, while relatively localized, had far-reaching consequences that would help shape the events of the Galactic War that was to come.[27] The apprentice of Orgus Din, whom Grand Master Satele Shan believed had more than passed the Trials during the uprising, was granted the rank of Jedi Knight and became a pivotal figure in the conflict with the Sith Empire—beginning with the Knight's first mission on Coruscant. There, the Knight and T7-O1 teamed up with Kira Carsen to stop the Sith Lord Tarnis from using the Planet Prison superweapon against Coruscant.[28] Tarnis's death at the hands of the Knight sparked the crisis surrounding the Desolator superweapon, during which Tarnis's father Darth Angral attempted to destroy the Republic and the Jedi Order using stolen Republic superweapons.[29] The Knight returned to Tython at the end of the crisis, dueling and defeating the Sith Lord aboard the latter's ship, the Oppressor, to stop Angral from devastating the planet with the Desolator weapon.[30]

After testing the superweapon on the agriworld of Uphrades, Angral planned to use the Desolator on Tython.

The conflict also had a powerful influence on Bengel Morr, as the Jedi healers of the Temple were able to heal the Nautolan of his insanity. He remained on Tython for quite some time, retraining in the ways of the Jedi and learning to come to terms with his actions during the uprising.[31] Morr remained in contact with Din's former apprentice throughout his time on Tython, thanking the Jedi for saving him and expressing regret at the loss of Din during the Knight's mission to Alderaan.[32] Morr later served on the battlefields of Corellia during the next war, where he fought as a full Jedi Knight under the command of the Knight—known as the "Hero of Tython" by that point—when Grand Master Shan appointed the Hero the Supreme Commander of all Jedi forces.[33]

With the loss of their leaders Morr[6] and Keshk, who died sometime during the conflict,[34] the organization of the Flesh Raider army dissolved. Without Morr's influence, the natives returned to their normal pattern of occasional raids and in-fighting. Also as a result of the conflict, the Jedi Order began to actively aid and cooperate with the villagers of Kalikori[35] on the advice of Din and his student. Matriarch Tao'Ven turned herself over to the Council for judgment, but they allowed her to remain in her position as a way of allowing her to atone for her actions.[6] She later sent a message to the Knight, apologizing for her role in the betrayal, and informing the Jedi how the newfound alliance between the Order and Kalikori was benefiting both parties and had eliminated the dangers of living on Tython.[35]

Notable participants[]

Jedi Order[]

Orgus Din[]

Orgus Din.png

A well-respected Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council, Orgus Din was a veteran of the Great Galactic War and the Sacking of Coruscant. During the Sacking, Din personally fought the Sith Lord Darth Angral,[36] sparking a rivalry that would extend to both men's apprentices.[28] When Din's apprentice Bengel Morr was lost in the destruction of the Jedi Temple, he refused to take on another until witnessing a young initiate's defeat of the Dark Jedi Callef in the Tythonian Gnarls.[3] Following what he believed was the will of the Force, Din took on the apprentice as his Padawan, and the two began to investigate the recent activities of the native Flesh Raiders.[1] During the course of the uprising, he learned that Morr was behind the attack[7] and participated in several raids on the Flesh Raider command base and other scattered camps across the planet.[8][24] Thanks to the Pilgrims of Kalikori Village, Din was captured by Morr and taken to the Forge, but Din's new apprentice followed and was able to defeat the Dark Jedi. As a result of the Padawan's actions, Din instructed his student to construct a lightsaber, and upon returning to the Temple he and Grand Master Satele Shan elevated the apprentice to the rank of Jedi Knight.[6]

Orgus Din's apprentice[]

A young Jedi initiate with remarkable martial skills and combat experience, the apprentice was trained under several Masters before being sent to Tython to face the Jedi Trials. The initiate's arrival was disrupted by the Flesh Raider invasion of the Tythonian Gnarls, and the young Jedi helped stop the attack by single-handedly defeating the Dark Jedi Callef.[3] Taken on by Master Orgus Din as a Padawan, the apprentice was sent on several missions on behalf of both the Jedi Order and the Pilgrims of Kalikori Village during the uprising, all the while learning more about the natives' motives.[7][8][1][24] During the course of the conflict, Din learned that his former apprentice Morr was leading the Flesh Raiders against the Jedi,[8] and the Jedi Master was eventually captured when the Pilgrims betrayed him to Morr.[24] Joining forces with T7-O1,[6] the astromech droid whom the apprentice had rescued on an earlier mission,[1] the Padawan followed Morr to the ancient machine known as the Forge and rescued Din, defeating the Dark Jedi in a duel. As a result of the apprentice's actions during the uprising, Din and Grand Master Satele Shan elevated the Padawan to Jedi Knight and sent the Jedi to Coruscant to investigate a dark presence there—a darkness that was later revealed to be the Sith Lord Tarnis.[6]



An astromech droid with a long history of adventures,[37] T7-O1 served the Jedi Order as a reconnaissance droid[1] after his previous partner, Jedi Master Ven Zallow, fell in combat with the Sith Lord Darth Malgus during the fall of the Jedi Temple.[38] A quirky and intelligent droid, T7-O1 was very loyal to his masters[39]—whom he referred to as "partners"[37]—and was confident that he and his companions could overcome any obstacle.[39] In the early days of the uprising, T7-O1 was captured on a reconnaissance mission by the Flesh Raiders, who stored him in a weapons cache in the Tythos Ridge. There, he witnessed Bengel Morr giving orders to Callef and the Flesh Raiders, and he immediately displayed this recording to Orgus Din upon being rescued by Din's apprentice.[1] T7-O1 later joined the Padawan on a rescue mission when Din was captured by Morr and the Flesh Raiders, and with the droid's help the apprentice successfully defeated the Dark Jedi and his servants at the Forge.[6] T7-O1 continued to travel with the Jedi,[4] who was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight,[6] on missions across the galaxy during the conflict with Darth Angral and beyond.[27]


Ranna Tao'Ven[]


The daughter of Matriarch Sumari, Ranna Tao'Ven came to Tython as a child with her mother and the rest of the Pilgrims. When her mother became deathly ill, Tao'Ven began to take over her duties as Matriarch,[1] and succeeded Sumari as leader when she died of her illness during the uprising.[8] Despite her mother's anger at the Jedi for abandoning the Pilgrims to the Flesh Raiders, Tao'Ven grew close to the young apprentice of Orgus Din during the conflict after the Jedi helped recover weapons for the villagers[1] and saved the Twi'leks' crop fields from sabotage.[8] When Bengel Morr approached the villagers behind her back with an offer of peace in exchange for Din, Tao'Ven only agreed to the deal if Din's apprentice would not be harmed. When the villagers attempted to kill the young Jedi to satisfy Morr's new terms, she protected the apprentice with her own life and begged for forgiveness. In an attempt to redeem herself, Tao'Ven gave the apprentice information on Morr's location and presented herself to the Jedi Council for judgment.[6]



The Scout Chief of Kalikori Village during the uprising, Moorint used the information gathered by his scouts to aid Orgus Din and his apprentice in the fight against the Flesh Raiders.[7][1] A pragmatic and serious man, Moorint was well-versed in combat thanks to his experience fighting the Flesh Raiders, and he believed that thinning the ranks of the enemy and removing their technological advantages was more important than adding to the village's defenses.[1] However, Moorint cared deeply for his village, and he was willing to do anything to save his fellow colonists—even if it meant sacrificing Din to Bengel Morr and killing the young Jedi who helped the villagers defend themselves. When Moorint and several other villagers attempted to kill Din's apprentice to satisfy the Dark Jedi's terms, the apprentice was able to use the Force to convince them to leave peacefully without harming them.[6]

Flesh Raiders[]

Bengel Morr[]

Bengel Morr.png

The apprentice of Orgus Din during the Great Galactic War, Bengel Morr was present during the attack on the Jedi Temple and barely survived. Going into hiding, he went insane and turned against the Jedi Order, believing that it was too weak to destroy the Sith.[8] Morr became a Dark Jedi, taking on the Human Callef as his apprentice, and the two began to marshal the native Flesh Raiders of Tython into an army.[1] Intending to burn the Jedi Order to the ground and rebuild it into something stronger,[8] Morr began to train Force-sensitive Flesh Raiders as Force Adepts,[7] and he targeted his former Master Orgus Din when the latter took on a new apprentice. Making a deal with Kalikori Village, Morr traded protection for the life of Din, and took the captive Jedi Master to the Forge. However, Din's apprentice escaped from Morr's trap and pursued the Dark Jedi, dueling him before the ancient machine and successfully defeating him.[6] The Nautolan was healed of his insanity by Jedi healers,[31] and he completed his training[32][40] and served as a Jedi Knight under the apprentice—who became renowned as a Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython—on the battlefields of Corellia.[33]



Callef was the Human apprentice of Bengel Morr. Arrogant and cruel, Callef was trained as a Dark Jedi by Morr in the decade following the Treaty of Coruscant.[8] When Morr prepared to launch his attack upon the Jedi Order, he tasked Callef with leading an invasion force against the Jedi outpost in the region known as the Tythonian Gnarls. However, Callef overestimated his abilities, and fell in combat with a young apprentice sent to stop the Flesh Raiders from entering the Gnarls.[3]



A hulking Flesh Raider who stood twice as tall as a normal Human and wielded a massive bladed weapon, Keshk assumed the role of Grand Chieftain among his people at some point before the uprising. He served Morr as leader of the Flesh Raider army. He was marshaling his forces in the ruins of the ancient city[6] when he and his bodyguards were killed by a Jedi.[34]

Behind the scenes[]

The conflict with the Flesh Raiders appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic,[3] a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare and LucasArts on December 20, 2011.[41] The uprising represents the in-universe events of the Jedi Knight class storyline during the first half of the Prelude, when the player arrives on Tython and is forced to defend the Jedi outpost in the Gnarls from Flesh Raider attacks. The class storyline consists of six missions overall, with multiple objectives within each mission and several bonus missions.[3][6][7][8][1][24] The six missions can be split into a total of seven individual events, with the mission "The Face of the Enemy" consisting of a raid on a shield generator and a fight in Kalikori's crop fields.[8]

As the exact timeframe of The Old Republic is uncertain, the chronology of many of the class storylines is not precisely known.[5] However, several statements made during the course of the game indicate that the Consular storyline on Tython occurs before the Jedi Knight storyline. Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks is not present during the Consular storyline, as she and Kira Carsen are on a mission off-world until early in the Jedi Knight storyline.[1] Ranna Tao'Ven is also referred to as the Matriarch's daughter throughout the Consular's storyline,[2] since she only becomes Matriarch when her mother Sumari dies during the Jedi Knight class storyline. Therefore, the Consular storyline must precede the Jedi Knight's storyline, and the Consular missions are not considered part of the uprising.[8] The optional world missions, which are available to both classes, are assumed to precede the Knight's storyline because the Flesh Raider army dissolves after the battle with Bengel Morr, and Kalikori forms an alliance with the Order against the Flesh Raiders.[6] As the side missions are available to both Jedi Knight and Consular players,[42] the identities of the individuals who completed the side missions are unclear due to game mechanics.

Dark side players who release Morr receive a green crystal instead of this standard blue crystal.

As the Jedi Knight is a Republic character, this article assumes that only light side options are chosen, and that the optional game mechanics aspects of the story are completed. The canonical species, gender, and names of the eight player characters are unknown, so this article also refrains from mentioning anything about the Knight's identity or gender. Several missions present alignment options that may result in slightly different events during the course of the Prelude, but the overall storyline remains the same. The major alignment choice in the Prelude appears in the final mission, "Weapon of the Jedi." Sparing Bengel Morr, whether by allowing him to leave or knocking him unconscious,[6] results in the player encountering him on Corellia during Act III. If the player chooses the dark side option of letting him leave, he or she is forced to fight Morr again and potentially kill him, while knocking him out results in his redemption and assignment to Corellia under the Knight's command.[33]


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