Flesh camouflage, also known as a Outlaw tech Flesh camouflage set,[2] was a product produced by Illicit Electronics.[1]


Essentially a comprehensive disguise kit, a flesh camouflage set allowed a user to dramatically change their appearance and even foil bioscanners - either by obscuring their genetic sequence or mimicking one from a donated sample.[2]

An advanced computer system, the disguise kit was complex, and had to be programmed with parameters of the security system to be infiltrated, and required a complete computerized record of a potential disguise's retinal, dermatoglyphic, and genetic patterns.[1] With this information, a flesh camouflage set could produce:

  • Retinal contacts: consisting of a thin plasticized membrane replicating the retinal pattern of the target to be impersonated.[1]
  • SecCard: storing ten image sheets, with text information and identification along with proper code sequences.[1]
  • Flesh disguise: consisting of replicas of the face, hands, and feet of the target to be impersonated. A voice synthesizer within the "mouth" of the facial disguise generated a high-fidelity copy of a given target's voice; so long as audio recordings were available to be compiled by the kit's computer.[1]

The combined disguise was extremely convincing from a distance and up close, capable of withstanding intense scrutiny - including bioscans.[2] However, while many elements within the kit were perfectly legal on their own, most planetary and galactic authorities took a dim view to anyone carrying a set of tools capable of masking one's identity down to the genetic level.[2] For this reason, while not specifically illegal, discovery of the kit itself would arouse great suspicion.[2]



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