"Flestic Crupp, a Rodian arms dealer... No, that's too kind. Death merchant is what he is."
Detective Pol Ipol[src]

Flestic Crupp was a bulky Rodian arms dealer and criminal who led a small gang of other Rodians in the Cantonica system. Wanted by the Canto Bight Police Department for some time, Crupp was finally connected to a robbery that gave the police a case against Crupp, making him eligible for arrest. However, Crupp happened to be another victim of the same perpetrator of the other robbery. Crupp later escaped from prison with the help of the gangster Denel Strench and tracked down the slicer "DJ," whom Crupp believed was responsible for his troubles. Crupp was detained by the security guards of the Vesustrian resort before he could harm DJ, though. As it happened, "Denel Strench" was actually a fake personality DJ created sometime prior.[1]

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