Flexisteel or flexsteel was a strong, durable material used in engineering. It was a stainless material that had metallic characteristics, but was very pliable as well.

Flexisteel was used by Beryl Chiffonage to form the tow cable of a power harpoon for the T-47 snowspeeders used by the Alliance at Echo Base on Hoth.

It was often used to make flexcord and could also be layered to form exceptionally durable starship armor plating. Flexisteel was used to create surgical devices such as scalpels.[1]

Corusca fishermen used cables made from flexisteel when mining Corusca gems on Yavin. They would typically attach an energy purse seine or flexisteel cable net with a thick mesh to several space-capable one-man skiffs and one trawler. The trawler would be used to provide propulsion for the entire group. Meanwhile, the skiffs would keep the net steady.



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