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A flight data recorder was a device installed on nearly every space-faring ship in the galaxy to record flight data. It contained complete records of a ship's range, maximum speed, shield array, weapons payload, and more,[2] making it an invaluable resource for determining the capacities of a particular craft. In 1 BBY, during a mission to the planet Lothal, Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren stole the flight data recorder of a prototype TIE/D Defender Elite so that the Rebel Alliance would know the capabilities of the highly advanced fighter.[1] Afterwards, the recorder was delivered to Alliance High Command on Yavin 4 by Hera Syndulla and Chopper,[3] and the data was analyzed.[4]

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A flight data recorder as depicted in Star Wars Rebels.

In real life, a flight data recorder is one half of the device known as the black box, which also exists in Star Wars canon. A black box, or flight recorder, consist of a flight data recorder (FDR), used to record specific aircraft performance parameters,[5] and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR), which is used to record the audio environment in the flight deck.[6]

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