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"Flight of the Arrowhead" is the ninth episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[1]

Official description[]

The Freemakers have all the parts they need to complete the Arrowhead, but can they build the ship in time to save the Rebel Fleet?…[1]

Plot summary[]

Thrown into battle[]

The episode opens with the StarScavenger traveling through hyperspace. Rowan Freemaker asks when they will be getting home. Kordi Freemaker replies that they're traveling through hyperspace and that it doesn't take much time but that it takes some time. Zander Freemaker tells them that they are approaching the rebel fleet. Rowan apologizes for being anxious and says that he's excited that they have gotten together all the pieces of the Arrowhead.

Upon entering realspace, the Freemakers find the rebel fleet under attack from Imperial forces. Roger panics and wants to abandon ship. However, Rowan uses the Force to haul him back. Rowan tells Roger that the Rebellion needs them more than ever. Zander tells Kordi to man the blaster cannons. He says that it's time to display his piloting skills. Charging into the battle, Kordi takes out two TIE fighters while Rowan cheers.

As the StarScavenger races through the battle, the cargo hold, which contains the giant kyber crystal, shakes. Lieutenant Valeria flies by in her A-wing starfighter and asks the Freemakers where they have been. She warns them that the Rebel Alliance will be history if they don't turn the tide of this battle. Zander tells them that he is here to help as he shoots down two more TIE fighters with the ship's cannons. Zander boasts that they will think twice before they tangle with him.

However, Zander flies the StarScavenger into the path of three Imperial Star Destroyers, one of which dispatches a swarm of TIE fighters. The StarScavenger beats a retreat and races over a Star Destroyer. Kordi tells Zander that they're closing in but Zander responds he's giving everything they have got. Rowan disagrees and opens the cargo bay, releasing salvage into the path of the TIEs. While Rowan and Zander cheer, Kordi is upset that they are throwing away money.

A rough homecoming[]

Flying past a CR90 corvette, the StarScavenger lands in the MC80 Star Cruiser Home One's main hangar bay. The Freemakers bring out the giant kyber crystal and tell Quarrie they can finally finish the Arrowhead. Quarrie is however upset that they brought the kyber crystal because it is volatile. Quarrie catches the kyber crystal when it falls off their trolley. Zander jokes about kyber crystal going boom on the planet they visited before handing it to Roger. Kordi tells Zander that this is something he could have mentioned earlier.

Just then an X-wing starfighter crashes into the path of Roger. Roger manages to hold on to the crystal while standing on the fighter. Zander says it was close but Kordi protests that it is too dangerous to work on the Home One when the ship is under attack. Quarrie tells them they have to move the Arrowhead to somewhere safe before they can install the crystal. Rowan points out that the Arrowhead has no deflector shields without the crystal and asks how they can install it.

Quarrie tells them that they need a skilled pilot who can fly an unconventional ship. Zander volunteers but Quarrie replies they need someone with chromium nerves and nexu reflexes. Zander is flattened but Quarrie has another pilot in mind. Valeria enters the hangar and asks which nerf herder pulled her off the front lines. Quarrie identifies himself as the nerf herder and Rowan realizes that Valeria is the Arrowhead's pilot. Rowan also tells her that the Arrowhead is the ship that is going to save the fleet. Valeria says that the Arrowhead is one pretty ship.

With Rowan and Quarrie aboard the Arrowhead, Valeria orders them to fire the converters and open the hangar doors. The Arrowhead avoids a stricken starfighter and flies out. When Valeria notices that something is wrong with the steering, Rowan apologizes that he and Quarrie have not fine-tuned the ship yet. Valeria keeps the control 30 degrees to port, feathers the accelerator, and pivots the ship to the right. Valeria rockets the Arrowhead out of the hangar. The other Freemakers follow aboard the StarScavenger.

Flight to Jakku[]

As the Arrowhead spins through space, Quarrie tells Valeria that she can't do a hard flip without the vector plates, which Rowan is looking after. When the Arrowhead is struck by TIE fighters, Rowan tells Valeria they haven't connected the blasters yet. Quarrie adds that they come after fine-tuning the steering. As the Arrowhead dodges laser cannon bolts, Rowan asks Zander for help.

While Zander grumbles, Kordi tells him they need less eye-rolling and more barrel-rolling. The StarScavenger takes out several TIE fighters. When Kordi asks Roger how he is doing in the cargo hold, Roger says he is great as he holds on to the crane suspending the kyber crysal. He remarks that this was the job he was programmed to do.

Meanwhile, Rowan warns Baleria that they have more TIEs coming up on their tail. When Valeria asks to take the ship into hyperspace, Quarrie says he has to tweak a few things. When Valeria asks what Quarrie is doing, he mumbles that he built the ship with way too many wires. At Valeria's request, Rowan connects the cables just in time. The StarScavenger follows suit, avoiding two pursuing TIE fighters.

While traveling through hyperspace, Valeria asks where are the coordinates taking them. Quarrie tells her that they are going where they can work in undisturbed peace and quiet. Re-entering realspace, Quarrie tells the Freemakers and Valeria that they are traveling to the planet Jakku, which he describes as the most deserted, desolate, and depressing place in the galaxy. Quarrie quips that his world of Shantipole has worst weather. Kordi grumbles that if anything goes wrong, the only people they will blow up is themselves. Roger asks in what way is that great as he swings with the kyber crystal. Quarrie tells them to land anywhere they want because there is just sand here.

Punishment posting[]

Plumestriker and Durpin riding happabores

However, the disgraced Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker are patrolling the desert on two happabores. Durpin grumbles there is nothing on Jakku but sand and suggests they head inside for a nice ice caf. Plumestriker overrules Durpin's suggestion by pointing out that he is now the commanding non-officer following the kyber crystal debacle on Qalydon. Durpin grumbles about Ensign Plumestriker always reminding him about the debacle. Plumestriker then orders Sub-Ensign Durpin to update their logs. Peering through the macrobinoculars, Plumestriker spots an amber yellow sand with a slight sprinkling of white in Mark 26.

A rough landing[]

Meanwhile, the StarScavenber and Arrowhead land in the middle of the desert. When Kordi asks them how long it will take to install the kyber crystal, Rowan tells her it shouldn't take long. However, the Arrowhead sinks beneath the sand. Zander tells them that they should have let him fly the ship because he would have landed the Arrowhead on more solid ground. Just then, the Arrowhead explodes, showering them with debris.

While patrolling with Durpin, Plumestriker spots a very pale yellow sort of beige in Mark 32 before he is hit by flying debris. Meanwhile, TIE fighters pummel the rebel fleet's starboard shields and weapons array. Admiral Ackbar says they have only one last hope and tells his comms officers to patch him to Quarrie. Via hologram, Quarrie claims that the Arrowhead is almost done. He says they just need to shake up the sand and slap her back together. When Ackbar demands to know what is going on, Valeria adds that they have the situation under control before terminating the transmission. Quarrie remarks that was not very assuring.

Rowan is optimistic they can rebuild the Arrowhead. Kordi says that all they are missing is the energy matrix activator. Roger says that it went sky high but is unsure where it landed. Valeria recognizes they need that part. Kordi tasks Quarrier and Rowan with getting the ship back together while the rest of them search for the activator. Quarrie admits that coming her was a terrible idea, which Valeria agrees.

Double trouble[]

While the Freemakers are searching for the energy matrix activator, Roger takes notice of the coloring of the sand. Using her macrobinoculars, Kordi discovers that Durpin and Plumestriker have found the energy matrix activator. When Zander asks what those "sleemos" are doing on Jakku, Valeria asks the Freemakers if they know those guys. Roger tells her that they had fought the two Imperial officers on Kashyyyk, Naboo, Hoth, Qalydon, and space.

Kordi tells them that they are going to need a smart plan. Zander and Roger panic and charge at Durpin and Plumestriker screaming. The two Imperial officers shoot at them, knocking them down to the ground and taking them prisoner. Watching the debacle, Kordi mumbles that they need a new plan. When Valeria asks if it always goes on like this, Kordi reluctantly says yes.

After cuffing Zander and Roger, Plumestriker tells Durpin that the two fugitives are wanted by the Empire and might even lead them to their brother Rowan. Plumestriker is hopeful of getting a promotion but Durpin tells him that a promotion equals responsibility and being Force choked by Darth Vader. Unknown to the two officers, they are being watched by a delighted Kordi and Valeria. When Kordi tells Valeria that she's got a plan, Valeria asks if it is smarter that her brother's. Kordi says that her plan is dumber before donning a bucket.

Rescue and escape[]

That night, Plumestriker and Durpin continue arguing. Plumestriker says that Durpin is afraid to take chances while Durpin counters that Plumestriker is not. They then receive a hologram from Kordi, who poses as Darth Vader using the bucket. She tells them that she felt a disturbance in the Force and asks them if it is promotion-related. Plumestriker tells "Lord Vader" he has tracked down the Freemakers. "Lord Vader" is pleased and tells them that he will come and give them their just rewards. Plumestriker is jubilant but Durpin is sulky.

A disguised Kordi soon arrives at the camp. Durpin is convinced but Plumestriker is suspicious and tells "Lord Vader" to step into the light. Kordi claims that she is a dark side sort of girl and reiterates her demand. When Plumestriker objects, Kordi threatens to use her lightsaber. However, Plumestriker sees through the charade and tells her that she is under arrest before shooting off her bucket. Plumestriker mocks Kordi for her dumb plan.

However, Kordi reveals that she was a distraction just as Lieutenant Valeria knocks Plumestriker and Durpin out from behind. Kordi reclaims the energy matrix activator. The Freemakers escape on a happabore but the Imperials give chase on a second one. Due to the slow progress of the beasts, the Freemakers flee on foot. Durpin is unconcerned the Freemakers are escaping and offers dinner. However, Plumestriker refuses to give up and unboxes an AT-ST walker. Valeria praises the Freemakers as they escape on the Mini Scavenger.

Imperial pursuit[]

Plumestriker and Durpin give chase in their AT-ST, firing on the Mini Scavenger. Roger panics while Valeria adds they have got us in their sights. Zander accelerates since the Mini Scavenger is not able to handle that much firepower. Roger opines they are doomed. As the AT-ST's targeting computer closes in on the Mini Scavenger, Plumestriker gloats about eliminating the Freemakers once and for all in return for a promotion. However, Durpin is determined not to get promoted and fights for the controls.

To the Freemakers' consternation, the AT-ST begins firing sporadically. With the Imperials preoccupied, Kordi convinces Zander to fly the Mini Scavenger faster. Meanwhile, Rowan and Quarrie have finished reassembling the Arrowhead. However, Quarrie reminds them that they still need to install the energy matrix activator and kyber crystal. He asks Rowan where his siblings are just as the Freemakers and Valeria return in their Mini Scavenger.

Kordi says they have gotten the parts and Roger tells them to hurry up because of the approaching AT-ST. As the AT-ST approaches, Rowan warns that the Arrowhead has no shields while Quarrie adds that it will carve them to pieces. Valeria volunteers to draw their fire and tells Rowan to fix the ship. Valeria charges with her blaster at the AT-ST walker while Zander watches as Rowan uses the Force to levitate the kyber crystal.

Powering up the Arrowhead[]

As Valeria charges at the walker, Durpin thinks that she is crazy. Plumestriker realizes she is trying to distract them and tells them to stay on target. Durpin thinks that Valeria can't get through until a blaster bolt slips through the walker's viewpoints. Durpin tells Plumestriker to do something. As the AT-ST blasts Valeria and knocks her to the ground, Zander charges at the walker with the Mini Scavenger, crashing into the walker's head and disorientating the Imperials.

The walker fires at Zander's Mini Scavenger and he returns for a second round. Zander rams the Mini Scavenger into the AT-ST before jumping out. After landing, Zander helps Valeria to her feet. Meanwhile, Rowan finishes fitting the kyber crystal and energy matrix activator into the Arrowhead, completing the ship. The Freemakers watch as the Arrowhead comes to life. An impressed Quarrie tells Valeria to fly the Arrowhead but she instead recommends Zander fly the ship, saying that she is in no shape to fly.

Rowan comes along with Zander and the power up the Arrowhead. Rowan activates the shields while Zander says he is so ready for this. The other Freemakers, Quarrie, and Valeria watch in awe. Meanwhile, Plumestriker and Durpin's AT-ST breaks free of the wrecked Mini Scavenger. They shoot at the Arrowhead but Zander cuts their walker in half with the ship's Embersteel Blade. The Freemakers celebrate while Plumestriker complains that working for the Empire is a thankless job. Durpin quips that Plumestriker would one day see it his way.

Saving the rebel fleet[]

In space, a TIE fighter shoots down an X-wing. Admiral Ackbar reports that their starfighters are being decimated and that the TIE bombers are moving in for the kill. Ackbar says that they need a miracle. Just then, the Arrowhead exits hyperspace to the delight of Ackbar and the rebels. Flying the Arrowhead, Zander takes out a flight of TIE bombers. Valeria cheers and Kordi warns Zander that a Star Destroyer is closing in on the Home One.

Zander flies the Arrowhead towards the Star Destroyer and uses the Arrowhead's Embersteel Blade to slice the warship in half. Rowan marvels at the size of the Star Destroyer. The Star Destroyer explodes after being sliced in half. While Admiral Ackbar cheers the Freemakers, the remaining Imperial Star Destroyers retreat into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Kordi cheers as the StarScavenger gathers salvage. Upon landing in the Home One, Zander and Rowan are greeted by the rebel ground crew and pilots as heroes. Rowan hugs Kordi and Roger. Kordi tells Rowan he did it but Rowan replies that victory belongs to all of them.

Rebel victory[]

At the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, the Emperor is horrified to learned that a twelve and a half year old boy cut his fleet to ribbons. An enraged Emperor hurls Force lightning at his officers and tells them to get him Darth Vader and M-OC. The Emperor insists on remaining the iron-fisted dictator of the galaxy.

In the Home One's command center, Admiral Ackbar promotes Zander to flight cadet for his bravery and excellence in flying. Zander is grateful even though he is not promoted to flight leader. Ackbar appoints Kordi as his new quartermaster for her courage, intelligence, and unprecedented frugality. Kordi asks if the medals are genuine chromium. Rowan is made Master Ship Builder for his impressive design skills. Quarrie tells Rowan he deserves it. However, Roger points out that they forgot the droid.


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