"Flight of the Falcon, Part 1: Spy Games" is the first comic in the Flight of the Falcon publishing line and focuses on Han Solo, Alexsandr Kallus and IG-88. The story was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 14 on September 26, 2018.

Plot summary[]

Run in with Solo[]

At a cantina, Bazine Netal was having a conversation with IG-88B who had information she needed. Netal needed information on the Millennium Falcon and rumors were spreading that IG-88 had nearly caught. IG-88 offered to tell her the story if she paid him.

Decades earlier,[2] IG-88 was working with Agent Alexsandr Kallus to find individuals involved in rebel activity on Savareen. Their officer reported that they had a visual of two individuals who were loading a ship. IG-88 and Kallus left the starship and greeted the smuggler Han Solo by calling him a "deserter." Kallus accused Solo of being an enemy of the Galactic Empire for helping Enfys Nest on Savareen. Kallus then ordered IG-88 to investigate the cargo Solo was loading. But before he could do it Solo's Wookiee partner, Chewbacca appeared and knocked the assassin droid and the Imperial Security Bureau agent back. Both parties exchanged blaster fire but Kallus ordered IG-88 back to the ship as Solo and Chewbacca escaped.

A daring move[]

Back on the ship, Kallus informed IG-88 that it would be best to warn his fellow bounty hunters about the endless resources of the Empire. But then he looked over and saw the Millennium Falcon making a run for it between two Star Destroyers. Kallus ordered the star destroyers to open fire on the Falcon and to not let it escape. IG-88 believed that was a bad idea, informing Kallus that there was enough room for the Falcon to escape between the two destroyers. Kallus thought that idea was too insane but was shocked when the freighter did previously that.

Back at the cantina, IG-88 finished up his story. Bazine Netal asked if he knew where the Millennium Falcon was now, IG-88 recalled working with the Empire again a few years after but not seeing the ship after that. Bazine Netal got up, disappointed to not get the information she needed, but she promised to continue the search until she had her prize.



Notes and references[]

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