"Flight of the Falcon, Part 4: Lady and the Tramp" is the fourth comic in the Flight of the Falcon publishing line. It was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 17 on January 30, 2019.

Plot summary[]

Proxima gives her take[]

Lady Proxima was angry with Bazine Netal who had kidnapped one of her most skilled children to tell her about the smuggler Han Solo. Netal corrected her because she was after the Millennium Falcon. Netal threatened to kill her child if she did not tell her the information she needed. But Proxima told Netal all she had to do was ask.

Decades earlier,[2] Solo and his Wookiee counterpart, Chewbacca were on the planet Corellia to locate parts needed for the Millennium Falcon. They enlisted the help of the protocol droid, Em-Five to help them. Solo warned Chewbacca that they had to keep a low profile but was interrupted by Moloch. Moloch told Solo that Lady Proxima wanted to see them, unable to talk his way out of the situation, Solo agreed.

At The Sinkhole, Proxima allowed Chewbacca to go so he didn't have to suffer for the debts that Solo had to pay. Solo was surprised that he had debts to pay to Proxima, believing that he didn't have any. Proxima accused him of scarring her. Solo thought he emotionally scared her but Proxima quickly shot that down, showing Solo scars on her face that he caused. She also accused Solo of stealing from her but Solo already knew the story she was going to tell him.

Solo pulls a daring move[]

All of the sudden, Solo grabbed a thermal detonator from Chewbacca's bag and threatened to set it off. Proxima begged him not due, telling him that he was smarter than that. Solo said he wasn't but corrected himself. Proxima ordered Moloch to dispose of the Corellian smuggler and the Wookiee, but before he could, Solo activated the thermal detonator causing a window to explode, shining the light inside The Sinkhole and causing Proxima's skin to burn.

Solo and Chewbacca made a run for the ship as members of the White Worms chased after them. When they reached the Millennium Falcon, Em-Five came out and told Solo that their parts are secured and they are ready to fly. Solo and Chewbacca ran into the Falcon and took off.

Proxima finished her story but Netal was still not satisfied. Proxima told her to go to the planet Jakku where she will meet Gannis Ducain who used to own the Millennium Falcon. Proxima promised to be a powerful ally to Netal in her quest to destroy the Millennium Falcon.


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Notes and references[]

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