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A tactical flight officer gives orders to Imperial pilots

Flight officer was the lowest commissioned rank of the starfighter corps of the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Alliance Defense Force (not counting flight cadet[1][2] or cadet/recruit,[2] in the case of the Rebel Alliance).[1][2] Its rank insignia for the Rebel Alliance pre-Battle of Hoth was a patch on the left shoulder, with the interior possessing a yellow bump in the center,[1] while post-Battle of Hoth, it was similar to the rank of flight cadet pre-Battle of Hoth or cadet post-Battle of Hoth, albeit with a gold trim border.[2] In the Rebel Alliance, it was either below the rank of Lieutenant (pre-Battle of Hoth)[1] or below Lieutenant Junior Grade (post Battle of Hoth).[2]

Within Imperial Military, Flight Officer was the lowest officer rank used by the Starfighter Corps. It ranked below Flight Lieutenant. This specialist rank was the equivalent of Imperial Navy Ensign, Imperial Army Officer, and Engineering Division Officer.[3]



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