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This article is about the ewok Flitchee. You may be looking for the ewok spirit..

Flitchee was an Ewok who had a uniform medium- to dark-brown fur coat. Flitchee wore a brown hood with a feather placed above his right ear and a holster around his shoulder.[1][2]

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Flitchee participated in the ground assault at the Battle of Endor. At some point during the battle, Flitchee "acquired" an E-11 blaster rifle from a stormtrooper. Flitchee celebrated ferociously, by dramatically waving the new blaster around, upon the destruction of an AT-ST by Tempest Scout 2, which had been commandeered by Chewbacca and the ewoks, Widdle Warrick and Wunka.[1]

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Flitchee's name is that of an ewok fire spirit.

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Flitchee is best known for jumping out of the bushes, and onto a log, waving an E-11 blaster rifle after Chewbacca destroys an AT-ST appearing at 1:42:33 on the Special Edition DVD.

In 2012, a Toys "R" Us exclusive action figure pack, the Ewok Pack from Hasbro's Star Wars: Movie Heroes line, contained a figure for this character and assigned the name "Flitchee" on the packaging. As packaged, Flitchee is not wearing the character's screen used hood, however the back of the packaging depicts him this way, with the hood supplied and located directly above his packaged location.[2]



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