Flitcher Poste was a Human male from the moon Nar Shaddaa.


Flitcher Poste grew up on Nar Shadaa and by his late teens had spent time as a guest of the state, becoming a small-time con man and thief. At some point in time he learnt a song which allowed him to ensure that he always had everything with him, and decided on the day he added a second verse that he was rich.

Poste's life was changed when he met a man by the name of Tobb Jadak. He was after a ship by the name of the Stellar Envoy later to be known as the Millennium Falcon. Jadak said that the Stellar Envoy would lead to an unbelievable treasure. Poste decided to help Jadak for a part of the treasure. They went out with adventure biting at their heels. When they found the Millennium Falcon, Poste attempted to steal it, but someone else that wanted the treasure had beaten him to it.

Jadak ended up explaining the situation to Han Solo,the current owner of the Millennium Falcon. The people that had stolen the Millennium Falcon ended up returning it. But it was all a bigger scheme to find the treasure. Han, his wife Leia Organa Solo, and their granddaughter, Allana Solo, took Jadak and Poste with them on the Millennium Falcon to find the treasure. They found where it was supposed to be at, but a decoy was there instead. So Jadak, Poste, and some other men set out to find the real treasure.

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