"Suspect has transferred to rented flitter..."

The Hraki Adventure Motors Flitter or flitter cab was a miniature airspeeder built for one humanoid. They were common in Efavan on Vorzyd V and other bustling urban tourist locations. They were designed for sightseeing; a navigation computer could be preprogrammed to follow a scenic route up to ten kilometers, looping back to the starting point, typically the rental agency or the user's hotel. They were also programmed with detection and avoidance systems to avoid midair collisions. Some tour operators programmed their flitter cabs for deliberately wild flight patterns, including dives, loops, and climbs; such flitter-coaster rides were popular with younger tourists.

During the height of the Galactic Empire, the local police forces of Bescane were known to employ modified flitter aircraft. During one particular raid, a flitter was responsible for stopping the escape of the swoop gang, Cooper's Swoopers, who were harboring Rebel spies.[2]



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