"Neeku, you are one funny son of a sleemo."
―Flix to Neeku Vozo[src]

Flix was a male[3] Gozzo[1] who ran the Office of Acquisitions on the Colossus with his partner Orka.[2]


Flix and his Chadra-Fan friend Orka ran the Office of Acquisitions, which supplied starship parts on the Colossus platform. They were assisted by a DUM-series pit droid named GL-N.[2] Flix was the one in charge of the administrative side of their common business.[3]

Meeting KazEdit

During the New Republic era, Flix and Orka were visited by the Resistance spy and "mechanic" Kazuda Xiono, who had unwittingly found himself competing with Ace Squadron pilot Torra Doza. Xiono was looking for spareparts for the racer Fireball. Flix initially did not take Xiono seriously until his fellow mechanic and friend Neeku Vozo produced an acquisition order. Since Xiono lacked the funds to pay for the starship parts, Flix agreed to wage a hundred credits on the Fireball. Orka agreed to give Xiono spareparts if her could obtain a gorg for them for lunch. By the time Xiono arrived, Flix and Orka were already having their lunch. Nevertheless, they gave them three boxes of old spareparts.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Flix had white fur and black eyes.[2] Flix liked to claim that his father was part Gungan, a claim that Orka found implausible.[4]

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Flix and Orka just happened to be on a page together, next to each other on a lineup. When (Dave) Filoni saw them together he was like, 'Those are our acquisitions guys. Don't change anything about it. That's them.'"
Amy Beth Christenson[src]

Flix is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Jim Rash.[2] The first time Rash saw the character, he believed Flix was a porg, a species first introduced in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.[5] The character was designed by Amy Beth Christenson, based on Ralph McQuarrie's early concept sketches for the Ewoks.[6][1]



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