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"Neeku, you are one funny son of a sleemo."
―Flix, to Neeku Vozo[3]

Flix was a male Gozzo who ran the Office of Acquisitions on the Colossus with his partner Orka.


Flix was born on Drahgor III, where his flock ran a fuel refinery. Feeling that his homeworld was backwards, Flix eventually left with plans to become a cantina singer, something his cousin Flanx looked down on him for.[6] Flix never achieved this dream, and by 34 ABY, he was running the Office of Acquisitions shop, which sold salvaged starship parts, with his Chadra-Fan partner Orka on the Colossus platform. They were assisted by a DUM-series pit droid named G-LN.[3] Flix was the one in charge of the administrative side of their common business.[7]

Meeting Kaz[]

Orka and Flix

During the New Republic era, Flix and Orka were visited by the Resistance spy and "mechanic" Kazuda Xiono, who had unwittingly found himself competing with Ace Squadron pilot Torra Doza. Xiono was looking for spare parts for the racer Fireball. Flix initially did not take Xiono seriously until his fellow mechanic and friend Neeku Vozo produced an acquisition order. Since Xiono lacked the funds to pay for the starship parts, Flix agreed to wage a hundred credits on the Fireball. Orka agreed to give Xiono spare parts if he could obtain a gorg for them for lunch. By the time Xiono arrived, Flix and Orka were already having their lunch. Nevertheless, they gave them three boxes of old spare parts.[3]

Kaz's second visit[]

Flix and Orka were later present at their shop when Kaz visited to purchase a ZX-19 compressor. While Kaz was purchasing the compressor, Flix took an interest in Kaz's lucky trophy but the youth refused to part with his prize, which he had won during a space race. Shortly after, another of Jarek Yeager's employees Tam Ryvora entered the store and chastised Xiono for running behind schedule. Later that day, the Colossus was raided by the Quarren pirate Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang.[8]

The tri-tracker chip[]

While searching for a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip to install on the Colossus' anti-aircraft defense system, Kaz and BB-8 visited the Office of Acquisitions. After Orka claimed that they had the tri-tracker chips along with hyperdrive cores and kyber crystals, Flix revealed that Orka was bluffing. Flix then advised Xiono to seek the scavengers before laughing at Orka's remark about them having kyber crystals. Xiono managed to obtain a tri-tracker chip from the undercover pirate Synara San. Team Fireball managed to repair the anti-aircraft defense but not before a second pirate raid on the Colossus.[9]

The botched robbery[]

One day, Flix and Orka were robbed by the Snivvian criminal Narb, who forced them at gunpoint to hand him several crates. As Narb exited the Office of Acquisitions, Orka activated a trapdoor, which caused Narb to fall. Flix then captured the crates before they fell. Later, Narb's brother Nod entered the shop searching for his brother and also fell down the trap door.[10]

Unwanted treasure[]

Flix and Orka later bought a treasure chest from the salvager and undercover pirate Synara San. After some difficulty, Orka managed to open the chest only to discover that it was full of thermal detonators. When Orka accidentally activated the detonators, Flix tried to switch them off. Fortunately, the detonators did not explode. After disposing of the treasure chest and detonators at sea, Flix and Orka purchased a second chest from Synara with Flix quipping that he loved surprises.[11]

Drinks at Aunt Z[]

Flix and Orka later went for drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern with their pit droid G-LN. After Orka served G-LN some blurrgfire, the pit droid went on a hyperactive rampage, annoying two serving droids including Glitch and the Klatooinian merchant Bolza Grool. These ganged up on G-LN and roughed up the droid. Flix and Orka found him and surmised that the blurrgfire did not agree with G-LN.[12]

Hype's droid[]

Later, Ace leader Hype Fazon brought his astromech droid R4-G77 for Flix and Orka to examine, believing that he had an damaged motivator. However, R4-G77 did not want to be examined and fought the two merchants, throwing the shop into disarray. Orka managed to subdue him. When Flix remarked that it was not so bad, Orka agreed before slumping to the floor in exhaustion.[13]

The phase connector theft[]

In return for supplying starship components to Team Fireball, Flix and Orka managed to hire Xiono to look after their shop and their pet gorg Bitey for a day. Flix and Orka left to visit Flix's mother with their pit droid G-LN. However, the First Order agent Teroj Kee had been monitoring their communications and attempted to steal a phase connector, which they had sold to a mining company. Teroj damaged their shop during a fight with BB-8 and escaped with the phase connector. However, Kaz managed to sink their freighter with the help of Bitey.[14]

After returning to their shop, Kaz recounted Teroj's attempted heist to Flix and Orka. When Kaz asked what a phase connector was used for, Flix explained that it was used to crack open asteroids and planetoids for heavy mining. While the two were pleased that they had stopped Teroj from escaping offworld with the technology, they insisted that Kaz clean up the mess. Later, Kaz and BB-8 reported the First Order's interest in the phase connector to the Resistance.[14]

The First Order occupation[]

After Kaz and his friends submerged the Colossus in order to send a distress call to the Resistance, Kaz and CB-23 encountered Flix, Orka, their pet gorg Bitey, and droid G-LN hiding inside a chest while heading towards Doza Tower. Flix and Orka told Kaz that their plan to escape the First Order was to smuggle themselves out in a crate to Flix's mother on Talivar. Flix and Orka were skeptical that Kaz's plan to liberate the Colossus from the First Order would succeed. Ultimately, they were proven wrong and Kaz and his resistance cell managed to expel the First Order and take the Colossus into hyperspace.[15]

Escape into space[]

Following the Battle of Castilon, Flix and Orka remained aboard the Colossus after the space station fled into hyperspace. The two friends visited Aunt Z's Tavern when the station experienced problems with its gravity generator, causing them to float. Flix remarked that the present circumstances were not conducive to business.[16]

While traveling through space, the Colossus began to run out of supplies particularly food. Following two attempts, Kaz and Torra Doza managed to hunt down a giant flying jakoosk on the icy world of Celsor 3. Flix joined Orka during a communal dinner where the station's inhabitants feasted on the jakoosk's flesh.[17]


When the Colossus began running low on fuel, Flix and Orka accompanied Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 on a mission to Drahgor III to obtain fuel from the local fuel refinery, which was run by Flix's flock. Due to his estranged relations with his cousins, Flix was not enthusiastic about the upcoming family reunion. Due to the turbulent weather conditions on Drahgor III, Flix and Orka almost fell out of their Star Commuter 2000 shuttle but were saved by CB-23.[6]

After arriving at the fuel refinery, Flix was greeted by his cousins including Flanx, who had taken over the refinery operation following the retirement of Uncle Floog. Flanx was hostile towards Flix, mocking him for his unsucessful career as a cantina singer. Flix sought to obtain fuel by leveraging his status as a member of the flock. However, Flanx rebuffed his cousin's plea and boasted that the family had prospered from deep-core drilling. This horrified Flix, who stated that the depths of the planet were inhabited by Karnex dragon. Flanx however dismissed the dragons as superstition.[6]

After one of the refinery's deep core drills when offline, Kaz offered to fix the monitor in return for procuring fuel despite Flix's objections. Flanx accepted the deal but demanded that Flix and the others accompany Kaz since he was not egg-sitting anyone. Despite Flix's objection, Kaz and Torra accepted Flanx's terms. When Flanx told Flix that this work would do him some good, Flix told his estranged cousin not to touch him. Flix also reiterated the Gozzo legends about not delving too deep.[6]

While descending down a lift into the depths of the planet, Flix sensed movement outside and stopped the lift. This turned out to be a karnex dragon. While attempting to maintain silence, a lose piece of rock caused the lift to descend into the abyss. Despite efforts to stabilize the lift, the lift plummeted out of control. Torra and Orka were separated and left on the shaft while Flix and others descended down the lift. They managed to jump out of the doomed carriage before it crashed. However, Kaz was separated from Flix, Flanx and CB-23.[6]

While Torra and Orka climbed the lift shaft back to the surface to bring a shuttle, Flix and the others decided to find the inactive drill and reactivate it. Since Kaz was on the other side of the ridge, he agreed to reunite with them. While arguing, Flix, Flanx, and CB-23 made their way to the drill where they were joined by Kaz, who helped Flanx to repair the drill. They soon encountered a karnex dragon, which confirmed Flix's warning that the creatures were real. Following a struggle, the karnex dragon kidnapped Flanx and headed back to its lair.[6]

With the help of Kaz and CB-23, Flix managed to rescue his cousin Flanx from the karnex dragons. They fled the cave but were pursued by the dragons. Working together, Flix and the others managed to use several light panels to drive back the karnex dragons into the depths of the planet. They were soon joined by Torra and Orka, who had commandeered a shuttle. Realizing the error of his way, Flanx decided to seal the caves and to cease deep core drilling. Flix also reconciled with his cousin and the two embraced.[6]

After returning to the surface, Flanx convinced the rest of his flock to cease deep core drilling to avoid disturbing the dragon's natural habitat. Seeking to make amends with Flix, Flanx also gave him all the fuel that the Colossus needed, which amounted to two tanks. Prior to leaving, Kaz asked Flix about his career as a cantina dancer but Flix was still too embarassed to talk about it. After farewelling his family, Flix returned with his friends to the Colossus.[6]

Facing down the First Order[]

Flix and Orka accompanied the rest of the Colossus community when they attempted to settle on the ocean world of Aeos, which had a similar environment to Castilon. Despite an initially hostile first contact with the indigenous Aeosians, the natives agreed to let them settle after Kaz helped to broeker peace.[18] However, the Colossus inhabitants were forced to leave after the First Order discovered their presence and attacked them.[19]

Flix along with Orka and GL-N later attended a townhall meeting where the residents decided to aid Kanan, Yeager, and Tamara to fight against the pursuing First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Thunderer. The Thunderer was destroyed during a battle in the Barabesh system.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Flix had white fur and black eyes.[3] Flix liked to claim that his father was part Gungan, a claim that Orka found implausible.[14] While Orka was more of a joker, Flix appeared to be the more serious of the two.[9]

When Flix was young, he regarded his homeworld of Drahgor III as backward and despised his family's work as miners. Flix had dreams of becoming a cantina singer but proved unsuccessful, opting to become the co-owner of a starship parts store called the "Office of Acquisitions."[6]

As a youngling, Flix had an amicable relationship with his cousin Flanx. However, this relationship deteriorated as a result of Flix spurning the family occupation of miners and opting to become a cantina singer. Flix also clashed with Flanx, who wanted to drill deep into Drahgor III's core for fuel. Due to the fallout, the two did not speak or visit each other for years. The two were forced to work together during a visit to obtain fuel for the Colossus, which brough them into contact with karnex dargons. After Flix rescued Flanx from the dragons, Flanx reconciled with his cousin. He abandoned deep core drilling and gave two tanks of fuel to Flix and his Colossus friends as a gift.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

"Flix and Orka just happened to be on a page together, next to each other on a lineup. When (Dave) Filoni saw them together he was like, 'Those are our acquisitions guys. Don't change anything about it. That's them.'"
Amy Beth Christenson[20]

Flix is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Jim Rash.[3] The first time Rash saw the character, he believed Flix was a porg, a species first introduced in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.[21] The character was designed by Amy Beth Christenson, based on Ralph McQuarrie's early concept sketches for the Ewoks.[20][2] During the Coffee with Kenobi podcast on September 30, 2019, producers Justin Ridge and Brandon Auman confirmed that Flix was in a romantic relationship with Orka.[22] In the original script, Flix was referred to as "Felix."[23]



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