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"So, where are you guys going that you need me to run the store?"
"Ugh. It's a long story with a tragic ending. We're visiting my mother."
Kazuda Xiono and Flix — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The mother of Flix was a female[1] who had a home[2] on the celestial body Talivar.[3] In 34 ABY,[4] the Gozzo Flix,[1] his partner[5] the Chadra-Fan Orka,[1] and their pit droid G-LN[5] visited Flix's mother for a day, though Flix expressed disdain about going. Later that day, after the trio returned to[1] the planet[5] Castilon, Flix refuted claims he looked like his mother while going back to Acquisitions,[1] Flix's and Orka's place of business aboard the Colossus station.[5] Later, after the First Order occupied the Colossus, Flix and Orka attempted to escape the occupation by hiding for several days in a cargo crate,[3] labeled "TALIVAR organic material,"[6] within Acquisitions, along with[3] their pet gorg Bitey[1] and G-LN, intending to have the First Order ship them to Flix's mother on Talivar.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Flix's mother was first mentioned in the preview for "Dangerous Business,"[7] the thirteenth episode of season one of the television series Star Wars Resistance,[8] which was published on YouTube on January 16, 2019.[7] "Dangerous Business" aired on January 20 of the same year.[9] Before her role in "Dangerous Business" was finalized, the script originally had Flix and Orka leaving to handle a shipment problem. Another draft changed the reason for their departure to be securing a major deal. It was the second draft of the script that had the group visiting Flix's mother.[10]



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