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A Jedi using Floating Meditation.

"In the deep state of Rising Meditation, Jedi may find their sense of the Force increases and that their bodies rise from the ground."
Jedi Master Skarch Vaunk[src]

Floating Meditation, also known as Rising Meditation, was a Jedi meditation technique where one meditated while using the Force to float several inches off the ground. Often, surrounding objects would revolve around the Force-sensitive.

This technique was used by Revan when he was being re-trained at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, where he floated himself, and several objects (chairs and a datapad) during meditation. Bastila Shan would use this power during her Battle meditation. Barriss Offee also used this technique often. Galen Marek used this meditation in order to find Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker used this technique while being imprisoned by the Joiners on Woteba. Jacen Solo meditated this way, believing that contact with the ground could prove distracting.


Luke meditation TCG David Nash

Luke using Floating Meditation during his training on Dagobah.


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