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Fluggrians were a sentient amphibious species with high foreheads that lived on the planet Ploo IV.

Biology and appearances[]

A squat species with green skin, the Fluggrians had high foreheads which jutted forward over their face. A race of spindly limbs, each Fluggrian had three fingers on each hand ending in a large talon. Their skin was dotted with several sensory inputs in the form of purple spikes, which were capable of processing information at a high rate of speed. Large, square teeth filled their mouths and were hidden behind thick lips. Breathing through gill-like neck bands, the Fluggrians could breathe oxygen with ease.

Society and culture[]

Kam Nale as "Elan Mak" during the Vinta Harvest Classic

Native to a marshy planet called Ploo IV, the Fluggrians lived on floating cities which connected via thick underwater transit tubes. Plagued by a high crime rate, the planet's inhabitants were highly suspicious as a society and were highly intolerant of the Glymphid race which was native to the neighboring world Ploo II.


A species native to the planet Ploo IV, the Fluggrians established floating cities on their world before being discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Subterra Period.[2] Developing space travel, the Fluggrians came into contact with the Glymphid species which inhabited the planet Ploo II, a world within the same star system. Highly intolerant of each other, the Fluggrians constantly warred with the Glymphids and formed a cultural stigma against each other.

Controlled by the Galactic Empire throughout the Galactic Civil War, the species' homeworld was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong empire during the species' invasion of the galaxy.[2]

Fluggrians in the galaxy[]

A space-faring species, the Fluggrians were often plagued with a cultural tendency towards organized crime and underhanded dealings. During the final decades of the Galactic Republic, the Fluggrian Kam Nale posed as a prominent podracer using the alias Elan Mak. The son of the crime lord Borzu Nale, the younger Nale entered the race to track the Glymphid Aldar Beedo, the assassin responsible for the death of his father. Piloting a KRT 410C in his first podrace, Nale finished fifth despite his inexperience and decided to make a career out of the sport.[1]



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